Show us your Wilier :)

Discussion in 'Photo Gallery' started by paulmac, 7 Aug 2014.

  1. Cycleops

    Cycleops Veteran

    Accra, Ghana
    Wonder if anyone's got a pic of the bowler's holding the batsman's willier.
  2. Dirk

    Dirk Guru

    Devon's Gold Coast
    Even better......"The driver's Holden, the passengers Winkle"

    Oh.....I've just bought a Wilier as well..........


    My missus is calling it the Willy Assole................:laugh:
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  3. Travs

    Travs Well-Known Member

    Here are my two:

    Winter/Wet bike is 2012 Izoard XP Ultegra. FSA cranks and brakes, Ritchey bars, Ultegra 10s groupset. Decided to upgrade and keep everything matching so bought an FSA SL-K carbon seatpost, a shorter FSA Wilier-branded stem (I think it probably came off a GTR). I originally bought Pro-Lite Bortola 21s as a light climbing wheel but currently rolling around on Campag Bullet 50mm (can't be bothered with different brakes etc. etc.). Continental Hardshells to avoid punctures (but they roll fairly well). Some odd Selle San Marco Aspide saddle but its not right so will swap that out at some point. Not sure on weight but guessing its about 9kg

    Summer/Dry bike is 2012 101 SL Lampre/Petacchi colour-scheme. I bought the frame only in a warehouse sale so decided to build it all up myself and stick to the decals on the seatstays. Ritchey Superlogic Bars and Stem, Ritchey WCS stubby (seems a carbon version is rare as hen's teeth), Selle San Marco Concor Team FX Carbon seat, Campag Chorus groupset, Elite bottle cages, Ritchey bartape, Campag Bullet Ultra 50mm Wheels (same brake point) Vittoria Rubino Pro-Control tyres (again, can't be bothered with punctures), but ironically after moving back to Winter bike I find the Continentals roll better (although not as grippy) so will change those to Corsas or Rubino Pro-Speed perhaps; still to be decided. Weight was 7.6kg without bottle cages, call it 7.7kg.

    Attached Files:

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  4. mkmz

    mkmz New Member

    Hehey :hello: bought this rare Wilier Ramata 2 weeks ago and customized it :becool:

    Its not ready yet, i am looking for some vintage parts

    CUSTOM $H!T* : 8.9 kg

    56er EASTON Elite Alu Rahmen : 2.0 kg

    28Zoll Campo "Ultralight"
    23er Continental Ultra 2 Reifen
    2ma8 Shimano Grip shift auf Dura Ace
    52/39 Campagnolo Kurbel
    Point Lenker mit Vintage Vorbau
    3Finger Shimano Avid Bremsgriffe
    Point Bmx Pedale
    Weisse Züge, Bremsklötze, eloxierte Achsen

    some hate it, some like it, i really love it :rolleyes: WP_20170121_15_36_11_Pro.jpg
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  5. DSub

    DSub New Member

    Hi fellow Wilier riders,
    I got a bit of a problem with my 2012 Gran Turismo, the seatpost clamp is splitting, and I havent found any producers/resellers. in fact tell me they've stopped making it.
    Can anyone help in finding a replacement?
    see attached photo...
  6. Lilliburlero

    Lilliburlero Wilier ftw

    South Derbyshire
    My love affair with Wilier continues.... Here my latest, a custom built Izoard Xp :hyper:

    Fulcrum 3 wheelset (front wheel is an older version to the rear, but I aint too fussed about that)
    FSA SL-K carbon cranckset and stem plus FSA Enegy compact bars
    Ritchey pro carbon seat post and stem spacers
    11 speed Campag Athena with carbon shifters and Athena brakes

    I got a cracking deal on it from ATB Sales, they really are top notch people :notworthy:

    Anyway... here she is :wub:
    P1000780.JPG P1000781.JPG P1000779.JPG
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  7. brucers

    brucers Über Member

    I don't get why anyone would 'hate' it. Not like the colour maybe but 'hate?' I think it looks great by the way.
  8. Afnug

    Afnug Everything you can imagine is real

    Now without guards and a longer stem fitted + compact bars and a SA SX 2 speed hub.

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  9. brucers

    brucers Über Member

    I too have the same Wilier Asolo as pictured a few posts up, As it's exactly the same (although mine is better because it's mine!) I won't post a pic. .
  10. Stu Smith

    Stu Smith Über Member

  11. Stu Smith

    Stu Smith Über Member

  12. graham56

    graham56 Veteran

    IMG_0196.JPG Not mine really, this was a one i hired when in Puerto de Pollenca
  13. Pumpkin the robot

    Pumpkin the robot Über Member

    They are as common as muck! 3 Wilier GT's. Mine is the original and best though.
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