showers and wind.


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North Wales
What do you do when you have to deal with heavy showers and wind against you? Well, this is what I had to deal with on my ride this morning. So I rode between showers, sheltering in bus stops and under trees. As for the wind, it was ok coming back and somehow it didn't feel as strong then than the other way round. All that was this morning.
Guess what? it is lovely, blue sky and sunny now. May be I should have waited till this afternoon for my ride? Only did 30 miles but 30 slow miles because of the stops and wind.


Turn over, pull up the duvet and go back to sleep.

The Brewer

Shed Dweller
I try to head off into the wind and return with it on my back. Not too fussed about showers, I'll shelter under trees if needs be, but you dry quickly in this weather

soulful dog

On Friday I cycled to where I was going with a 30+ mph tailwind and lovely sunshine. It was great.

On the way home I was doing ok with the headwind (surprisingly for me), then it started to rain. Light rain showers were forecast so thankfully I'd take my shower proof jacket with me...... of course the heavens opened and 20 minutes of cycling into what felt like horizontal rain later, I got home and flung my useless jacket in a heap along with the rest of my sodden clothes (and underwear)! Five minutes later, the sun was shining again. :cursing:


Fast and careful!
Move down to the south coast,dry 40 miles on Friday ,sunny 70 miles yesterday ,60 today and camping at the coast seen the red arrows and a early night ,been sat on the beach for two days after rides
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