Sick, sick bastards!


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I started coming down with a cold last Wednesday night, doubtless brought on by not having a manly dose of cold, fresh air and exercise during my commute after knackering the bike the day before.

My cure was to still go on the work Xmas afternoon out last Friday and eat, drink and be merry for as long as possible. That seemed to kill off the worst of it. All I'm left with now is a snotty nose that needs the occasional clearing.

So Dom - get boozing, laughing and stuffing your face. It worked for me !


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I've had bird flu this week. I initially i thought i had malaria as I was so feverish, but the husband told me it was just a cold ;) and it seems to have been the case. A whole WORLD better today and no longer sporting a reindeer-esque red nose.

Hurrah for a cold the week BEFORE Christmas instead of the actual week!


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col said:
Man flu is the worst there is,get well soon.

Just been signed off today,stress related stuff.I suppose its good timing,worse four days of the year ahead in my job.Anyone heard of Fluoxetine?
Prozac is the trade name for Fluoxetine.

Have you read the list of side-effects? I very strongly suggest that you do. You may have been given a low dose to start with and then increase it. You may well find you feel sick, cannot sleep, feel disorientated or all of these. There are other possible side effects as well. All of which may add to your existing stress levels. I am not able to give you an expert opinion, but please think again before taking this medication.

I would suggest that you find yourself a good counsellor. Your GP should be able to suggest a good one, and pay for it privately, otherwise you might wait ages for an appointment.

Try to listen to what your body is telling you. Get some rest, do much less for a while if that is possible. I am sure that there are some nurses on this forum who may be able to offer advice. Perhaps you could get their advice by starting a new thread.
My transport manager has been mooching around the office looking like death warmed up and talking like Darth Vader after drinking Domestos for the last few days. I keep telling him he should be home in bed, he keeps going on about how he's "never had a day off sick in twelve years, it's against my religion" and so on. Aye, well if I get your cold and it buggers up my christmas, don't expect me to be at work for the first week of the new year. Honestly. If you're ill, STAY AT HOME!;)
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