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N Somerset
I have another 50km star for this year, so also a ", 2019" after 2018 I managed to get my lunacy on there.


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@Pat "5mph" I tried to add the star, but I have done something wrong. I didn't get an error when saving the signature, but instead of the star I get just a url, could you have a look, please?

Edited to add, sorted. I had pasted the link as text, I now pasted the star link using the image icon and it worked.
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If anyone is struggling with having too many stars on their signature, I think I've got another way around it. I've basically created a three star image (bronze only at the moment, but could probably do a silver or gold if needed), which will cut down on the amount of characters your sig needs.

For example, I'm using the three star picture followed by a one star in order to make my four, instead of having four individual stars, with my code being as below (except replace the curly brackets with square brackets):


EDIT - had to make some changes to the pictures as they didn't upload quite right first time, but have updated the URLs above and hopefully they look better now.
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Hi @Pat "5mph"
Could you add me a 4th star please? I've added 2019, but it won't let me add the extra star.

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