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Discussion in 'Advocacy and Cycling Safety' started by Garjenkins, 10 May 2010.

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    London, GB
    It is a major issue that some very obvious points of interest (POI) are missed out, or poorly connected. However, if implemented well, I beleive it could be useful, it would need to be obvious where certain routes were so you couldn't pass them unwittingly. This in part is the problem, since the map ignores landmarks (something we traditionally use for navigation), it is an abstraction which must be implemented fully or not at all.

    The tube map is a perfect abstraction since it is effectively standalone since we are naturally confined to the train, thus can use the map (and minimal markers) in isolation. This map, would cause out-roar (and obscene expense) were it to be put in practise either with bold signposts using the primary colour routes (with tags), or even more if this were to result in some paintwork along cycle routes.

    Therefore, I still advocate signposting, I would be glad for this map to be incorporated into it, however it would need modifications on routes as well as the signings, as they make things needlessly complicated.
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    "Although, it would be helpful to learn of your connection with Cycle Life, Simon Parker, and his map Garjenkins."

    I am schoolmates with the guy who created the Cycle mag. He created it and does it all on his own (barring some volunteer friends who write for included).

    He spoke to Simon Parker when he heard about the map he was creating - I have never met Mr Parker. The map when he first showed it to me had even less on it and ir was frsutrating because the potential was huge but it had not really been thought about how it would be parks, tube stations, monuments etc - the map could take you from one side to the other but you wouldnt have a clue where you were in between.

    It has to be better, it has to have better signposting and it has to have coloured routes to follow on the streets.

    Actually I told my friend that I posted it and he gave me a bollocking for mentioning Parkers Map at all. The petition is for "a map" a better map - for london...not Simon Parkers necessarily.

    I am just trying to get more people aware/ interested in the petition- though not even the cyclists are agreed on the subject so I feel a bit campaigned out already. I will stick to my day job. I think.
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    Those that get things done are few, there is a lot of self-interest and divisiveness in any campaign, and you will easy notice this with Cycling advocacy.

    The idea of a standardised implemented map is a good one, and evidently one can see the benefit of such a thing. However, one needn't look too far back to justify a sense of scepticism when it comes to councils and certain organisations messing up a good plan. Were your petition to catch the publics interest, I imagine that the only benefits would be a bunch of councillors, TfL, and the cabal of consultants hired at great expense to obfuscate the bleeding obvious. Therefore, perhaps it is best to campaign for something more specific (e.g. more helpful sign posts over safe, quiet yet quick routes), or check with interest groups (e.g. LCC, CTC) to develop a good map.

    It is a shame that the creator is a hindrance to his own scheme, he has basically guaranteed it a failure, thus is probably best avoided.

    Good luck with the campaign! :biggrin:
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    I clicked on both links but I didn't find the map (is there a direct link?).
    In my opinion; different cyclists have different needs. As a confident cyclist I tend to use the same roads as motorists (in fact I get hassle from motorists on the narrow back streets marked as an LCR but little hassle on the main roads).
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