Simple question (yeah right) which bike?

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I am about to buy my first road bike, well 2nd as I bought a Fuji 3.0 but its going back for a higher spec bike.

I have narrowed down to 5, due to wanting no lower than Tiagra shifters and also price range, local availability etc.

Specialized Allez Elite 2010 Road Bike £799.99
Trek 1.5 Compact 2010 Road Bike £675.00
Fuji Roubaix 2.0 2010 Road Bike £699.99
Giant Defy 2 2010 £820.00
Cannondale CAAD8 Tiagra £720.00

I am going to try them this week, but wanted to know if one shines higher than the rest and also which one to avoid. Being a beginner, my knowledge is limited.


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Simple answer (not entirely fair as I have not ridden all you listed).

I'd pick either the CAAD8 or the Allez Elite (others may disagree ).


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The fuji is at the top of my list at the moment, unless a SH im after comes though.

I should add its based on the look, the cannondale to me looks ugly, i dont know why but im not a fan of the speci, and the giant is too much


sayek1 said:
I'd go for the Boardman

Me too in that price range.


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I have just looked at the Boardmans, but Halfords had put me off, just cos its not a specialised bike shop.

But it looks that the Comp (£699) bike has good spec with Shiamono 105 and then the team (£849) bike has sram. I also noticed the weight seems to be around 1kg lighter than the bikes I was looking at.

Today I went to try the Cannondale and Trek, the shop I went to put me on a CAAD9 105 set and Trek Carbon, due to only sizes built for me Cannondale (58) Trek (60). I know I cant really compare as these were not the same bikes, but was feeling for comfort etc.

Felt a little strectched on the Trek, but to be honest they both rode good. Well from my moutain bike, anything will feel good. So no really closer to a decision. How will I know its the right bike? Surely that takes many miles to find out, 5 mins down street didnt seem enough.

I agree, the cannondale is not as pretty, but like the spec.


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Made my decision and picked up my Specialized Allez Elite 2010 today. (C2W scheme)

Kitted it out with Computer, Pump, Bottle, Bag, Pedals, Shoes, Helmet & Lights.

Rode home from work and felt brillant, good choice me thinks.

Will put pedals on this weekend and have a play, no doubt will be falling off at lights a few times.

Thumbs up to NWMBC in Stockport for thier help and discount :-)
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