Single cyclists...does anyone know of any good group tours in uk or europe


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I am an ok cyclists, only started 18 months ago, since i retired from Rugby!!

Now love it, and turning into a geek about it..

Just wondered if any can recommend any tours that i can go on in a group to tour around uk or france, which is my preferred destination. I would like to go on long cycles then drink wine in the evenings..

Any advice will be appreciated......i am fed up of looking at the net and finding nothing! thanks


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Best to join a club and meet like minded people to arrange tours. Why not take off on your own ? stop when and where you want, eat when you want, drink wine when you want.. you will meet other cyclists if you stick to the cycle networks in the UK and France
just go off and you will find if you are nice enough and polite enough other tourers will let you join them for a few day by which time you will be glad of your own company again!

Over the course of 12 months on tour we teamed up with another couple of tourers off and on over a week (the the very far north of norway), were joined by a german tourer for the best part of another week through Finland, and a spanish lady living in sweden joined us for 3 days through latvia/lithuania, then it was the end of the touring season for most sane tourers, but journals I read are full of people joining or being joined by lone tourers!


Lots and names....some guided some self guided which offer luggage carrying....Explore,Cycling for softies..Exodus ,Responssible travel, Skeddle,Hooked on cycling...CTC who tend to book up months ahead..also theres the Bike Eurobus..Also you may want to look at overseas charity rides (eg Cycle cuba etc)but they ask for big fund raising usaully £3000..Bike events of Bath do charity runs in the Uk but aslo some cheap holidays..You are obviously paying over the odds to go with a company to have everything done for you..I quite like simple guided day rides in major cities..Ive done these in Paris Prague Berlin Barcelona Amsterdam.(Mikes Bikes, Fattire are names that have websites)These attract big numbers with some great people on them..You can hire the bike and do some Diy after..


Recommend Goskyride also..but the ride strong and ride plus options are tougher than they look... Bristol areas (and suffolk)have quite a lot of stuff on during summer...Breeze rides are their women only options

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Why not start your own little group?
I have been on a few mini tours and when I tell people about what I do and where I go I seem to get the whole "that sounds great I'd like to try that" as an answer.
I'm now in the process of researching a bit about guided cycling tours of Liverpool and have noticed that there only seems to be one firm doing it and I'm seriously considering investing in some bikes and advertising this service myself.
The routes that this other firm offer are not the most varied and I seriously believe that there is a niche for this sort of thing here.
Have you got any friends or relations who would like to go with you? Just remember that camping with someone is a very stressful thing to do if you don't get on really well as you don't get lots of privacy!
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