Sirrus Wheels??


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I've been looking at the Sirrus Elite and currently, Evans are selling the 07 model for £429.99p which looks like a good deal compared to list price of £499.99p

However, I've noticed that the Evans' model comes with 'Jalco' wheels but the Specialized website states that 'Alex' wheels are fitted.

Is there a difference between the wheels? By allowing a £70 discount, has Evans compromised the quality of the wheels? All other parts looks the same.

Many thanks.


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I wouldn't worry. Probably a mistake by Evans. They quote the hubs as being the same model so it's only the rim that's different. At that price range i can't imagine one rim making a difference over the other.
The discount is because the 2008 bikes are on the way. The saving comes from Specialized, not Evans.
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