Sitting on the loo and posting in this site.

betty swollocks

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Is this taking my internet addiction and my addiction to 'Cycle Chat' in particular, a bit too far?
I should mention that I do have a macbook and a wireless network - just in case you were wondering.
Anyone else have any interesting internet proclivities?
betty swollocks

betty swollocks

large member
Shall I log out now?


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Have done it from super-duper net-capable phone, but usually from the bath, rather than while "parking my breakfast". Have done it from pub, which is very sad, when you see those words up on the screen! :biggrin::biggrin:

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hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
To be honest using the internet whilst on the throne is as near to multi-tasking as I get...oh apart from reading the pile of C+ and CTC mag that's building-up in the corner. I need a magazine rack in the lav.
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