Six bikes stolen from garage in targeted theft quiet west Sussex hamlet


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On Friday morning of the 4th October our garage was broken into and 6 bikes were stolen, they even took my made up tool roll and a pair of Specialised road shoes.
1. Raleigh Captus e bike s/n W47E8P4641
2. Bianchi Infinito Campag Athena groupset s/n WBK442983G
3. JRobinson- Columbus SLX handbuilt,Sprayed white fade Purple, Campag Nuovo Record Groupset, Wheels Mavic ma40 on Campag L/F hubs,Tyres Panaracer GravelKing gumwall.
4. Italian Gibicci Sprayed metallic pink and with JRobinson decals, Equipment mainly Campag
5. Trek 7.5 FX Hybrid,Gunmetal Grey,with Loop handlebars, spec as purchased
6. Scott Comp Racer MTB, yellow/silver, Spec as purchased



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Nightmare, sorry to hear this.


Sorry to hear that it's a rotton feeling. Lost three myself in similar circumstances. Keep a close eye on Facebook and Gumtree for a while.
Johnny - really sorry to hear of this.
Awful that your first post on CC is this - welcome aboard anyway.
As a fellow west sussex resident, whereabouts are you?
Do you have pics of the other 2 bikes too?
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Sorry. It sounds like you were deliberately targeted, I'm sure your activities were noted and a plan hatched. Quiet hamlet - better for the thieves. You need security like Fort Knox now and that might not even be enough.
They'll likely try to sell them on eBay, Gumtree, Preloved etc so keep an eye.


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The curse of **# ! $% ** land down on the miserable bastids , that they may all die roaring , hope the local plod get a lead on them


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I am not trying to “rub your nose in this” I had a single bike stolen from my garage some years ago. For members with tempting (for thieves) bikes etc in garages/sheds why not get an alarm ? There are many battery powered intruder alarms ‘out there’ I have one in my shed, walk in and you have a certain amount of seconds to cancel with the hand held ‘fob’ or it wails like a banshee.
Failing that an electric garage door is more secure, no lock to pick etc.


Alarm from Screwfix, ground anchor and big chains plus garage defender for door and bars on window after I had three bikes taken.


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Alarm from Screwfix, ground anchor and big chains plus garage defender for door and bars on window after I had three bikes taken.
Kranks Alarm. Conventional alarms don't seem to deter folk, or attract any attention these days.
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