Six spotted ladybird

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Yellow Fang

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I am pretty certain I saw an old fashioned six spotted ladybird in Bristol today. My mate who's a pest controller, says you can tell a native ladybird from a harlequin ladybird, because a native ladybird has black legs, while a harlequin ladybird has brown. I thought I saw one last week too.


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Probably a seven-spot - the spot on the back of its neck counts too.

I haven't figured out harlequin id yet as they're very variable. I'll investigate the leg colour idea. That could be useful.

Seems to be a lot of ladybirds about this year. Possibly due to last year's hot summer.


We get loads at work, they often swarm on the warm wall areas..

Most I've ever seen was at Nottingham Castle, like a carpet, millions
A lot of the harlequin variety mind

twentysix by twentyfive

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Over the Hill
once the tip are pinched out

Hmmph - always forget. Is it too late now?

Edit - didn't mean to hijack the thread :wacko:
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