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I have a question about sizing.
I narrowed my gravel bike down to the Cube Nuroad Race (thanks for all the help in my other thread on deciding which to choose).

I have a question about sizing. I am 178cm, 86 inseam.

Cube’s calculator for this bike says I need an M.
The website of another bike shop says:
  • Between 170cm and 178cm = S
  • Between 176cm and 184cm = M

So I can be on the very recommended height for the S, or just above the minimum height of the M
What would you experienced gravel riders advise me to get?

It is for a bike holiday of about 14 days doing about 100 to 175km a day with panniers. For solo road and single track and forrest rides, and the occasional group ride with road bike riders.

Here are some pictures of me on the bike (bleu is M, beige is S). The annoying thing is they are not allowed to put paddles on these because they are demo bikes. And when I order it will arrive in week 8 2021.






The annoying thing is they are not allowed to put paddles on
Hopefully we won't get that much rain to need paddles.
I looked at the same bike, last year but couldn't throw my leg over one for love or money so I didn't get one. glad I didn't in the end as I got my CDF at half price and I don't think the cube would be anywhere near as flexible.

I suppose the answer to your question is which one felt more comfortable? it looks like your elbows are locked out on the blue one, which i would personally not like but again, which felt more comfortable for you.

but to have to wait for 5 months for a bike.......


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Better to get a proper bike fit then with your measurtements from that get the bike which matches those as close as possible. It's not all just about how long your legs are - arm length, back length, flexibility are all factors. Better to take the time and get it right instead of picking a bike then fiddling about fitting different bits to make it fit. As for the wait - there is a shortage of bikes generally due to covid - they have been flying off the shelves so your are just going to have to be patient to get the bike you need
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