ski fibre broadband


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Anyone have it ?
I have been quoted about 15 mbit connection speed with unlimited data for £20 a month free for the 1st 6 months.Currently on unlimited normal broadband that cots £7.50 a month but i get about 4.5 mbit connection.

Any hidden costs ?


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No. but I've had their yoghurt.


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£3.75 a month sweetener going up to £15 a month + line rental
Whats this need a bt modem in the blurb ?
Mine has a BT modem that connects to the phone line then the router connects to that, the BT modem was installed by openreach for free then I paid a one off £5.99 for the router.

The prices can vary for fibre depending on location I have found that out of town the prices can be a lot higher than in town depending on the ISP.

I went to Plusnet when Sky took over o2 so for me I wouldnt give sky house room, when I canceled my Sky TV they were a PITA to get rid of and I got junk mail for over a year begging me to come back.
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