Slipping Chain Please help


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So my chain has started slipping (not between gears but almost like the teeth are missing and then catch again) Its a total pain and tends to be a lot when moving off and can also be painful.

Ive checked the chain and also removed the rear cassette as this is where i feel the slip is happening.
Once the cassett has been removed the black holder of it (with grooves) seems to be skipping when i move it back and forward so could this be the case?

If so then what do i look for on replacing this? Its attached to the wheel itself.

Many thanks
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It sounds to me as if your freewheel is no longer engaging properly (black holder). But chain skate (slip) is also caused by a worn chain, but you have you eliminated that option, have you? If it is the freewheel body, it is a trip to the bike shop where it will either be replaced if it is the Shimano type hub or it will be overhauled if it is serviceable.


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Thanks for the quick response.
The chain, and cassette are only about 5 months old but think its the black thing the cassette sits on (which comes off the wheel) Do you know what this is called?


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Depending on the wheel, the freehub body can be an easy part to change.
I would agree with that, but finding the right one as a replacement can be quite hard, especially for stock wheels. It tends to result in a trip to the LBS to identify the right part that need to be bought.


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It does sound loke classic freehub slipping.
Anyone had the same as one of mine ?...Bianchi stock wheels developed a slip now and then when quite new, then stopped doing it, never to recur.
Sticky or excess grease perhaps when new ?
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