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S Yorks
Bought a Smart Superflash from a ‘not small’ online retailer. The blurb on the website said

"The Smart 1/2 Watt 3 LED rear cycle light is supplied with two AAA Batteries and includes bike mounts, clip mount and arm strap for multiple mounting options."

Anyway the light turned up, without delay and I can’t complain with the quality of the light. However, I can find the bike mounts and clip mount. Can’t see any arm strap?

Anyone else out there got one of these? Is it an incomplete set? Or have they got a misleading info on the website?

I was pretty easygoing about this, (the light is BRIGHT) even though it was the armstrap that made this one my choice.

However, they’ve not responded to my email query after 2 days. So I’m now getting a little p**sed off.

Anyone know? Is the armstrap normally included?
I didn't have an armstrap supplied with mine. Sorry.


Middle of the pack...
S Yorks
If it’s a genuine mistake, then OK. I’m happy with the light.
I can ‘knock up’ some kind of arm strap.
Just think that, seeing as a customers emailed them in a definitely non-confrontational way, to not reply for 2 days is bad customer service?
Good way to turn a customer into a critic.


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You should return the goods as they not as described on the website. Ask for a full refund or replacement with the missing parts.


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If it's wiggle - they take at least 3 days to respond in my experience. I've sent back a jersey as it was described/pictured as short sleeved when in fact it was sleeveless. I got my money plus postage back with no problems.
gambatte said:

Yes I would expect that they should forward you the armband or refund you. It is clearly listed.
Maybe. I'd leave it a day or so more. Give them the benefit of doubt, and if they don't get back, then hit them hard!!xx(


No wonder there's no photo image of the light on their website...they probably "lost" the arm strap.
Nope, no strap in mine either. Looks like they've just cut'n'pasted the manufacturers blurb. To be honest, I couldn't figure out why I'd want or need an arm strap for it, so I didn't make a fuss.
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