Smashed my time!


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South Norfolk
My commute varies between 15 and 17 miles each way, dependant on which way I go. Am well chuffed, as last week I managed to achieve the journey into work in 59 minutes at 16.5mph average. When I first did it, took me 1hr20mins 11mph.
Watch this space now I have clip less to see if I can do any better!!


You will! Well done... does that equate to 20 minutes more in bed? ^_^


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Just back from visiting my folks and waiting on the electric blanket heating up! Usually May is a lovely month but this one has been pretty awful and more rain and wind to come.
I think we may be off topic, but you're right. I was just looking at the hills today and thinking the snow line should be a lot higher by now:cold:.


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Good stuff!
I think my first commute took 1 hour 35 mins (19 mile commute) and I was very happy when I got it down to 1 hour 20 (twice!) Now it's generally around 1 hour 25 mins but this morning was 1 hour 39 mins (I blame the rain, headwind, and London traffic!)

James Blackwell

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Well done!!
My commute is also 17 miles. 1hr is average for me. I does grate, the first 10 miles are super quick, as they are relatively commute traffic free. Then I hit Bristol town centre and I have to slow the pace down. Like you I have 3 monsters at home, I do my best to get out before they are awake otherwise I am late.

I'm just regaining fitness after an accident last year, so have just started hitting some good times again. Takes ages to build up to it, but you can loose it really quick.

Keep pushing :smile:



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Excellent stuff :smile:

You'll go a bit quicker clipless (once you get used to it) :smile:

Mantra for the first five journeys should be as follows- "i'm clipped in i'm clipped in i'm clipped in.....(repeat to fade)
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