So Aliens land...


  • Rush round the local shop ransack the place grabbing anything you can knowing disorder will happen !

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  • Do nothing the system will take care of itself no worries ;)

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  • Start a commune...

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Dry Pot noodles and living in a hedge for the next twenty years it is then.


You've forgotten the fourth, time-honoured option:
[staccato dalek voice] TAKE-US-TO-YOUR-LEA-DER!!![/dalek]
Always wondered whether that would get me past the cordon in Downing Street, and what the inside of Number Ten looks like...

So.... been watching Independence Day again, Yenners (noticed it was on TV)?


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If you look at the possibility of space travel in a frame of reference of what we are currently experiencing on Earth, I think you'll agree that it is very unlikely that we will be visited by any in alien in the future (or the past but I won't go into the temporal dynamics here).

The amount of energy required to produce the propulsion needed to do the light years to get to here, would absolutely blat all their resources.

If they had enough resources in the first place, then they wouldn't need to come here.

Also, if there was more than one of them, they wouldn't need friends, and they wouldn't come here for that reason either. And a single alien wouldn't be able to do it (unless it was the Alien at the beginning of the film, er, Alien).

Also, if they needed us for food, then the packed lunch they would require would have made the whole expedition a chicken and egg situation
I suspect Abitrary may be one of them.:tongue:


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After years of them sending guys to kill me and putting my mother in a looney bin, I finally get a chance to lead the resistance and give em hell.


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I would attempt to seduce the most attractive female alien and make lurve. Just so I could aske her "Did your earth move?" :tongue: Don't know quite how I'd deal with the "3 orifices" question though.... or their well documented love of being smothered in goose fat first...
We are watching this thred and taking notes!!

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