So how am i doing?


OK here's the rub! I am cycling in early july bathbike (either 80 or 50 not sure yet....depends on training) I am also about to enter Brunel Flyer (previously bath 100) and plan to cycle the classic distance 100k...on May 10th. I have been cycling 70-100 miles per week as part of my work commute (but extending the miles) Today I planned to get 40+ miles in which involved an 11 mile ride into work and a 30 ride home via Bath....I have a question here. As part of my commute home today one of the climbs was the long winding and at times challenging struggle up to Bath race couse at Lansdown and then a very fast descent into Bath. My question is how does this climb match the climbing/ascending around cheddar gorge? On the Brunel Flyer Cheddar Gorge is part of the 100k classic ride. So is my training so far preparing me for this?.... I also run (it's in the name) and will be tackling a rather hilly half marathon next weekend....perhaps I'm doing too much?? Running is always part of my training and I always do the odd half marathon but am introducing more cycling as I get older as it's better on the old joints!! Anway the question is how does Lansdown compare to Cheddar (for those who have cycled both)
Cheddar Gorge is not a difficult climb. It is not very steep and anyone of a reasonable fitness should not struggle on it if you just spin up it.
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