So, How'd I do ?


Just call me Chris...
First proper ride on a proper road bike.

25.4 miles

1Hr 35Mins

Pace: Pushing moderately hard but not flat-out, more a leisure ride really.

What do you think?

Reasonable, poor, start filling in TFE entry forms or must try harder ?? :biggrin:

Oh, and no holds barred please, honest opinions only. I won't be offended, I've got a thick hide :biggrin:
Hello Chris,
I'd say you did great. Would of taken me 2+ hours


Just call me Chris...
Wow, I'm really staggered by that :biggrin:

9 months ago and at ~20stone I couldn't climb the stairs without getting out of breath.

Now, still over 17st but it's coming down slowly, the very best comments I could have hoped for would have been "bit off the pace" or something like that.

I'm genuinely stoked :biggrin:

And my chain fell off 4 times :biggrin: (although I think the computer only calculates moving time, but stll...)

Sounds good to me. where did you ride out of interest?

From home (Sheppey side of Sittingbourne) to Faversham along the A2. Quick tour of Faversham then back towards Teynham and dropped onto the lower road, through Murston and then home.
Nothing exciting but I just wanted a moderate distance to burn off a few Kcals before the family woke.


Just call me Chris...
fossyant said:
Not bad times at all.... you'll soon be flying... just get prepared for the winter..

I stocked up on the Aldi bargains so I'm reasonably prepared.

I think I may suffer when it turns really cold as I get very hot when riding so can't dress up too much.

I should imagine I'll be turning to you peeps for more advice then :biggrin:

Edit: Oh, and thank you :biggrin:


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great ride mate. well done.
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