So I did a few mods


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I had converted my Raleigh R500 bike into a single speed almost a year ago, it really needed some fine tuning and what not. So today I added my aero bars to my home made bull horns I hade on it, big difference. Then I lowered the front chain ring from a 45t to a 34t , only because where I live we have a lot of hills, and the 45/15 gearing was a bit on the high side(for me anyway) now it seems to ride like I want. It sat for almost a year because of these minor changes that I should have done before. I will post pics later. With the new gearing I won't get anywhere fast but I won't kill myself in the process either


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Sounds cool, very similar to my gearing as I too live in quite a hilly area. Look forward to seeing pictures.
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