So I'm thinking of taking January off...


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Change the route a little. so long as it's not icy, ride. What's the alternative transport like.....traffic jams etc...... I'm thinking of adding a little detour into my morning run, just to put some interest back into it.

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I'm crying off myself, at the moment - I've picked up this stupid bloody cold that's taking an age to work its way out of my system, and don't fancy the cold and wet while I'm still coughing ten to the dozen :/
I've been looking at alternative routes but to be honest, there aren't any that make it any more interesting without adding another mile or so to it, and its 14 miles already - I don't have time in the mornings to go any further.
GrahamG said:
Fair play, I've no doubt that a few weeks on tube/buses will soon restore your enthusiasm!

I was thinking this.I have been doing the middle part of my route for the last 18 years...The first part for 14 years and the the last third which has been changed more than once for just over three years but id rather do it then use the tube.:wacko:
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