So many opportunities, so little time..... 2018 Velothon Wales vs 2018 Etape Du Tour

I like Skol

Hold my beer and watch this....
This just popped into my inbox...


Damn! If only I hadn't already got a place on the Velothon Wales. Both events take place on the same date and even someone as awesome as me ain't going to finish both rides in one day.


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I could do the first 40kms and that would be it for me so I will skip this year.


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Push the boat out and pop off for a whole week in the Pyrenees or Alps. Take it all in at your leisure....have some great food, wine, enjoy the scenery... There are loads of tour companies to choose from. I’ve ridden with Marmot Tours a couple of times and can heartily recommend them.


Do the étape Skolly, if you can. Looks like a great route and it's a great area.
Agreed. The Velothon is a nice day out but it will keep for another year.
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