So what really happened to Cavendish?

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All I seen were 2 blokes from the crowd trying to fix the bike !


I thought he hit a spectator then had a puncture. He's no Robbie McEwen and his team decided to try to get Eisel into the mix. Eisel said before the race the team were concentrating on getting Cavendish up there, so I don't think he can have too many grumbles (othet than with the spectator)
andy_wrx said:
Unfortunately, when he's looking stressed and angry, he reminds me a lot of Wayne Rooney.

And that's not a good thing :?:
And about as articulate. Maybe if they promised him a good granny bashing after the race he might win a stage... :?:

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
It seems he hit the back wheel of Boonen and lost the spokes from his own front wheel!!!!!!!

turbo tim

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This is whatDavid Millar had to say in his race diary:

Mark Cavendish was his hilarious wet-behind-the-ears best when he came up to me half way through the stage and asked, 'Dave mate, did we really just go up that climb at 500watts? I think there might be something wrong with me cranks. It just doesn't seem right mate.' He was promptly informed that it was right and that he better tape over his screen if he didn't want to have a nervous breakdown. Amazingly, after what felt like only a couple of minutes had past, he came scooting by me shouting in passing, 'Did it mate!' I caught up to him and looked down and saw that black electrical tape was now covering his whole screen. He's a legend. I bet they were crying with laughter in his team car when he came back and asked for that. It is a rule I tend to stick by when it comes to wattage and heart rate, out of sight out of mind, racing in the Tour de France is not the time to be a watt whore. Cav has unfortunately caught a glimpse of the horrors which take place, hopefully that black tape will remain firmly in place for the rest of the race.



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Keith Oates said:
Unbelievable, but it gives an interesting insight in what happens during the races and the talking between the riders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great insight, I agree!

I thought Cavendish's post-stage interview the other day was a bit off, slating his team given that this is his first shot. But you can't argue with his results so far this season mind you.
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