Software suggestions for roller trainers


I'm interested to know if anyone can recommend any software / hardware setups for a roller trainer?

I think this would be really neat to have for training in the house, would appreciate any suggestions you have



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They are on a huge push just now and seem to be putting out some great graphics.
You will need an ant+ dongle. Amazon sell them for around 15 pounds plus. You will need a power meter though.


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Depends on what you're trying to achieve. Do a search of the Training and Nutrition forum and you'll find a few suggestions.

Personally I prefer TrainerRoad to Zwift. It's not got the snazzy graphics and the multiplayer, but at the moment it's much stronger on the training element. You'll also find a strong bkool community on CC, but you'll either need a bkool turbo or a Wahoo Kickr (there may be other compatible equipment, but they'll all measure power somehow). I don't think it'd work with roller and, TBH, I found it difficult to use and buggy as hell. There are others applications out there, ranging from funky new iPhone apps to old-school windows software, but these are the only three that I've used first-hand.

If you don't have a means of measuring power directly, most software will have a stab at estimating your power based on your equipment (usually called some variation of 'virtual power'). This can be way off; for example tyre pressure makes a massive difference for rollers. This matters more for Zwift as the estimated power will be used to derive your speed against other riders, so your Zwift speed may be unrealistic. Also, unless your rollers have a resistance unit, you'll find yourself spinning out while other riders on turbos waft past as they can hit a higher max power.

You don't say what sensors and smartphone/computer/tablet you're planning to use. The more-upmarket Speed/cadence/power/hr sensors will either use the ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 protocols (or both!). Some hardware and software will support one or both of these protocols with or without a dongle. The permutations aren't endless but it can get messy and it may limit the software you plan to use.
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