[SOLD] Garmin Edge 200

Having recently acquired a Garmin 520 I'm finally selling my trusty Edge 200.

It's in superb condition, has been factory reset and removed from my Garmin account so it's ready to go.

The out front mount is a Sram one, and the logo has rubbed slightly, but it obviously doesn't affect it in anyway other than cosmetically. I was going to remove the logo completely but just never got around to it.

The USB lead isn't an original one, but it works perfectly well and will also be included.

If your interested in this you'll already know they are bulletproof little units that do more than you think and do it superbly well.

Makes a perfect first foray into GPS ride tracking for not much money at all.

I'm after £40 including delivery.

PayPal gift works for me if that's OK :okay:

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Price drop, just £40. I've also got the standard bar mount as well that i'll put with it.
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