SOLD Specialized Grail Long Finger Gloves XXL BNWT

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Warning: May Contain Pie
Having a mini clear-out and these are surplus to requirements, brand new unworn and unopened (except to take the photo!). I already have a couple of pairs of these and they are fabulously comfy with just the right amount of centre palm padding. Lightweight breathable and very cool wearing. Blue backs with light grey clarino synthetic suede palm. Screen friendly fingertips for phone/nav etc.

£12 inc postage. Payment via bank transfer or Paypal (+ any fees).



975E5F37-FE02-4BDD-8F02-D3E8BFF1E0FD.jpeg B298394A-BD65-447A-A9BC-896674817E49.jpeg


As long as I breathe, I attack.
interested but not till pay day next week , 2 nd dibs ?
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