1. sevenfourate

    Santini Maillot Jaune Fleece Cycling Gloves XL Santini XL Winter Gloves - £56 New; just £22.50 delivered 😎

    Brand new Santini Winter Fleece Gloves. Only bought this past week by my Father from the current Tour de France website. Baring in mind he’s 85 and doesn’t cycle……I’m not quite sure why he bought them 🤣 These cost £56 - and can be seen here...
  2. brookie

    SOLD Sealskinz All weather cycling gloves

    Sealskinz All Weather waterproof gloves. Medium in black/yellow Excellent condition. £18 including postage.
  3. ianrauk

    cycling gloves and cap for sale

    Prices inc. P&P Shutt VR medium £15 (in bag, never worn) Stolen Goat medium £10 pair ( both pairs sold) Morvello Cap (s-m) £7.00 SOLD
  4. Willd

    Free gloves - taken

    B-Forest winter gloves :cold:, size medium, unworn. Plenty of detals if you Google them. Free, if you pay postage. May deliver locally. Wife got me these for Christmas, but they were too tight, so seller sent a large pair, but didn't want medium ones sending back. :smile:
  5. The Rover

    Now sold - Winter hat and gloves

    1, Prendas winter hat, one size fits all, in excellent condition and very warm. £12 posted. 2, Pearl Izumi lobster gloves, in good condition, size medium. £15 posted. photos to follow...
  6. JohnE

    Waterproof fingerless gloves

    Through summer I usually wear fingerless gloves. Got caught out last week in a thunderstorm, and my gloves were very quickly saturated, and my hands were soon freezing cold. Anybody have any recommendations for waterproof fingerless gloves ?
  7. C

    Good gloves for this time of year …

    I’ve been going out at 6am in the morning, but my fingers are getting cold. I’m looking for long finger gloves but don’t want sweaty hands that overheat. Is that possible? What are you all using that you like?
  8. stuarttunstall

    Gloves for cold riding

    Hi all I am looking to get some new gloves for the cold months, any recommendations? I do not want to pay a fortune for them as I only use the bike at weekends but do not mind paying if they do the job, keep my hands and fingers warm in cold/frost morning, I go out early ;) STuart
  9. D

    Gloves and overshoes. (Now Gone)

    Having a tidy out. Don't say the bad weather has gone - just like the virus it will be around for a long time yet! I have... A pair of Planet X crab claw gloves. Size large. Worn once. A pair of Planet X neoprene overshoes. Size XL (I take size 47 Shimano and they fit perfectly, but being...
  10. M

    How should winter gloves fit/do these fit me (video included)

    Hi all, I'm wondering if fellow winter cyclists can offer some tips/advice on how gloves for this type of riding should fit. I've found some gloves that are well reviewed, and don't break the bank (too much): Endura Pro SL Primaloft Waterproof Gloves I'm having trouble picking between Medium...
  11. M

    Warmest Winter Gloves

    I know it's probably been asked loads of times but can anyone recommend a good pair of warm winter gloves that are not too bulky. I've just bought a pair of C5 GORE-TEX Thermo Gloves which are there warmest gloves but I'm not getting on with them and they don't really keep my hands as warm as...
  12. Maherees

    Ski Gloves for cyling?

    Is there any reason i could not use a pair of skiing/mountain gloves for cycling? They seem to have the necessary dexterity for braking and gear chgaes. Is there something I am missing? These seem pretty good:
  13. A

    Which of these gloves are most suited for current weather?

    I want to buy some gloves (for women) but I am unsure how warm these gloves actually are for current weather (I am in London currently)
  14. simongt

    Letdown Gloves - ?

    I bought a pair of Altura Hurricane gloves s a few years ago and have hardly used them, preferring to wait until my other various pairs of gloves had worn out. I'd previously used a pair of Altura Tempest gloves with much success for several years until they were past their best. I used said...
  15. A

    Which cycling gloves to buy?(for women)

    It has gotten so cold that I can't feel my hands when cycling so I think I need to get gloves that will keep my hands warm. Can anyone recommend me some gloves? Does wearing gloves effect your grasp of the handlebars?
  16. tincaman

    Endura fs260 pro Nemo gloves SOLD

    Only worn once, £15 delivered They don't have a size on the label, but they should be medium as this is my size. The Nemo Waterproof Gloves by Endura are made from neoprene and feature a silicone grip to prevent your hands slipping. Features: Material: 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex...
  17. qigong chimp

    Winter gloves

    My venerable Alturas have developed that tackiness in the palms when synthetic materials degrade. Had 'em an age, so what's keeping your hands warm and dry this winter? If we've done winter gloves already apologies for the repetition and link me, do.
  18. F

    Winter gloves

    Hi al, looking for some advice and recommendations for winter riding gloves. I have a condition called Reynauds which restricts the circulation to my hands and feet and when they get cold (particularly my hands) they become painful. I usually stop riding in winter but am intent on seeing it...
  19. Mburton1993

    Grips and Gloves Recommendations

    These are my current handlebar grips and gloves:
  20. O

    What bike gloves to buy for the winter?

    Does anyone have any recommendations? What do I look for when picking what gloves to buy?
  21. Johnno260

    Giro Gloves

    Used for one ride and deemed to small. Size small. They have been washed. £15 + postage.
  22. Hugh Manatee

    Gloves That Fit!

    My gloves are nearing the end! I had a bit of a struggle finding any last time. I never really thought of myself as having large hands but then I tied to buy gloves in every bike shop I found on my travels and; nothing fitted. I liked the look of Planet X's traditional track mits and ordered...
  23. brookie

    SOLD Sealskinz and Altura cycle gloves

    Sealskinz extra cold winter cycle gloves. Men’s size medium, colour black with green trim. Excellent condition, no marks or signs of wear. Price £18 including postage. Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof Heavy-duty outer shell Primaloft® insulation delivers warmth in the coldest...
  24. Slioch

    How many pairs of cycling gloves do you own?

    It would appear that I have a bit of a glove fetish! I was going through my box of cycling spares in the garage the other day, and kept pulling out pair after pair of mitts/gloves, most of which I've had for ages and never used, but had bought them "just in case". I blame the Aldi cycle events...
  25. simongt

    Waterproof gloves.

    Any advice on a pair of properly waterproof gloves please - ? Don't suggest Sealskinz, as I've had two pairs before, the second pair provided by Sealskinz to replace the first and both failed miserably to keep the rain out despite less than heavy usage. :angry: Also, because I have poor...
  26. Richard A Thackeray

    Replacement Gloves Wanted

    Does anyone know, off-hand, where I can get a similar glove The material/thickness is similar/practically identical to a normal 'track-mitt'/fingerless glove I think there were sold/packaged in the Specialized' branding? That said, I got them back in about 1991!, so I think they've lasted well...
  27. Justinitus

    SOLD Specialized Grail Long Finger Gloves XXL BNWT

    Having a mini clear-out and these are surplus to requirements, brand new unworn and unopened (except to take the photo!). I already have a couple of pairs of these and they are fabulously comfy with just the right amount of centre palm padding. Lightweight breathable and very cool wearing. Blue...
  28. Grievesy

    Winter cycling gloves

    Troops, reaching out to the CCnet here. about 2 years ago I broke a metacarpal in my left hand. It has healed but it's definitely one of those breaks when you can tell it's cold outside as you feel it in your bones (metacarpal) quite literally. I had a pair of Aldi winter gloves which are great...
  29. simongt

    Sealskinz Gloves - waterproof - ?

    Bought a pair of Sealskinz Ultra Grip cycling gloves about five years ago. Only used them when I felt it would rain during my commute, thus they were out about ten or twelve time a year; hardly heavy use. After a couple or so years, on a rainy ride home, they leaked. So I tested them at home and...
  30. AlanW

    Looks like the time has come to hang up my driving gloves

    I am 60 in February next year and I've held my HGV1 licence since the age of 21, and in this morning post was my renewal for that licence. After initially being a full time HGV driver for a few years and being away from home four or five nights a week, it was later used more in conjunction with...
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