1. Johnno260

    Giro Gloves

    Used for one ride and deemed to small. Size small. They have been washed. £15 + postage.
  2. Hugh Manatee

    Gloves That Fit!

    My gloves are nearing the end! I had a bit of a struggle finding any last time. I never really thought of myself as having large hands but then I tied to buy gloves in every bike shop I found on my travels and; nothing fitted. I liked the look of Planet X's traditional track mits and ordered...
  3. brookie

    SOLD Sealskinz and Altura cycle gloves

    Sealskinz extra cold winter cycle gloves. Men’s size medium, colour black with green trim. Excellent condition, no marks or signs of wear. Price £18 including postage. Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof Heavy-duty outer shell Primaloft® insulation delivers warmth in the coldest...
  4. Slioch

    How many pairs of cycling gloves do you own?

    It would appear that I have a bit of a glove fetish! I was going through my box of cycling spares in the garage the other day, and kept pulling out pair after pair of mitts/gloves, most of which I've had for ages and never used, but had bought them "just in case". I blame the Aldi cycle events...
  5. S

    Waterproof gloves.

    Any advice on a pair of properly waterproof gloves please - ? Don't suggest Sealskinz, as I've had two pairs before, the second pair provided by Sealskinz to replace the first and both failed miserably to keep the rain out despite less than heavy usage. :angry: Also, because I have poor...
  6. Richard A Thackeray

    Replacement Gloves Wanted

    Does anyone know, off-hand, where I can get a similar glove The material/thickness is similar/practically identical to a normal 'track-mitt'/fingerless glove I think there were sold/packaged in the Specialized' branding? That said, I got them back in about 1991!, so I think they've lasted well...
  7. Justinitus

    SOLD Specialized Grail Long Finger Gloves XXL BNWT

    Having a mini clear-out and these are surplus to requirements, brand new unworn and unopened (except to take the photo!). I already have a couple of pairs of these and they are fabulously comfy with just the right amount of centre palm padding. Lightweight breathable and very cool wearing. Blue...
  8. Grievesy

    Winter cycling gloves

    Troops, reaching out to the CCnet here. about 2 years ago I broke a metacarpal in my left hand. It has healed but it's definitely one of those breaks when you can tell it's cold outside as you feel it in your bones (metacarpal) quite literally. I had a pair of Aldi winter gloves which are great...
  9. S

    Sealskinz Gloves - waterproof - ?

    Bought a pair of Sealskinz Ultra Grip cycling gloves about five years ago. Only used them when I felt it would rain during my commute, thus they were out about ten or twelve time a year; hardly heavy use. After a couple or so years, on a rainy ride home, they leaked. So I tested them at home and...
  10. AlanW

    Looks like the time has come to hang up my driving gloves

    I am 60 in February next year and I've held my HGV1 licence since the age of 21, and in this morning post was my renewal for that licence. After initially being a full time HGV driver for a few years and being away from home four or five nights a week, it was later used more in conjunction with...
  11. airborneal

    Two Pairs Briko Evolution Pro Gloves / Mitts New

    Two pairs of Briko Evolution Mitts / fingerless gloves Size XL [i'd say more large] I wear these mitts XXL they are really good £12.50 posted 2nd class
  12. postman

    New gloves.

    Dare2B xl £4 so i can't grumble.Not bad but boy oh boy are they T I G H T.Cycle clothing is getting expensive these were £20 when first out,saw some today £35.:ohmy:
  13. Shadow

    Craft Siberian Gloves

    Anyone have any comments/experience of these? Or the Craft brand in general? Tkx.
  14. A

    Rapha pro team gloves medium

    mind condition pro team gloves, bought last year but just a little too big Will be washed prior to sending £35 delivered
  15. U

    Full-finger gloves

  16. S

    planet x gloves

    Looking to purchase their crab hand winter gloves looking for thoughts on sizing,are they true to size ?I am normally a large but according to their chart may have to size up due to length. Thanks
  17. night cycler

    I need some decent gloves for below zero rides.

    Craft Siberian gloves are reduced at Merlin cycles . RRP of £40 down to £13.99 Large is the biggest size they have but I need XL or XX large According to the reviewers there is a size issue. It would appear that they are on the small side even when ordering large. So now I am asking on here...
  18. runner

    Heated gloves?

    This winter I really need heated gloves, as I have grown older the cold in my hands (which becomes unbearable) needs heat. Can anyone recommend? on the net they are shown from very cheap to unbelievably expensive...
  19. onb

    Specialized Align Helmet & Endura MT500 Gloves

    Both are as new never having been used ,helmet has dial operated cradle adjuster size 54 to 62 cm the gloves are extra large £20.00 for both plus postage at cost .
  20. Reynard

    Cool (but not freezing) Weather Full Finger Gloves

    Can anyone recommend a solution? Was wearing some full finger lycra gloves with suede palms when riding this afternoon. The gloves are nowt special, just a pair of basic Muddy Fox jobbies I bought when I got back into cycling last year. They're fine during the day at the moment, but once the...
  21. U

    Sealskin Gloves Mens size small.

    I've got a pair of sealskin gloves Mens size small that I bought a year or so ago and I've never used them. They are a general use pair so will be o.k for anything, like walking, cycling, days out etc. Waterproof and fleece lined. (Small is 7-8 inches round the knuckle). £15.00 posted, I paid...
  22. R

    Winter gloves with "feel"

    Hi, I need advice from you good people on purchasing a pair of winter gloves which provide a good level of warmth for 50 mile rides in low temperatures but are not too thick and inflexible that I have trouble feeling where the finding and feeling gear changes and braking? I do not feel the...
  23. ianrauk

    Cycle Plus Wool Gloves

    Last year and the year before Cycling Plus gave away a free pair of woollen gloves with the mag. As one who can do many hours in the saddle without any sort of glove padding, I love 'em. The two pairs I have are now starting to wear out. So, does anyone have a pair that they don't use and are...
  24. Reynard

    Altura Peloton Progel Waterproof Gloves

    Anyone have any experience of these? Am looking to use them as winter / night-time commute gloves as the ones I'm currently using are pretty pants once the temperature dips below 5C. I've tried...
  25. cyberknight

    tenn winter gloves or btwin 700 ?

    Has anyone used them and are they warm ? I a in need of some winter gloves as what i have which is altura night visions with a pair of thermal lining gloves isnt cutting it . Rode home in a pair of thick work gloves they provide for fork truck drivers outside this morning , toasty but to bulky...
  26. U

    Sealskin Road Gloves Mens Size Small.

    Hi I'm selling a pair of Mens Sealskin Road Gloves size small as I have 3 pairs now. These have been worn about 5 times and are in excellent condition, the palm circumference is 7-8 and I'm 7.5 and I would'nt want them any tighter. So basically they will fit a small handed man/woman or child...
  27. Rooster1

    Gloves for bike mechanics

    Hi there, my LBS mechanic uses some thin latex like gloves to do the oily jobs. Any suggestions out there as to what to get, sick of going to work with black fingers. thanks
  28. DCLane

    Two pairs of winter gloves XS adult and age 10

    Two pairs of gloves on offer: The first is a pair of b'Twin winter gloves with 10A on - age 10. £4 posted. The second is a pair of Galibier Barrier II winter gloves XS size. RRP is £22 and my youngest likes these so much we got a Small pair for him. £8 posted.
  29. I


    Hi folks, Really been trying to find a pair of winter commuting gloves that come recommended. However, for every pair I find there are reviews that say they're not waterproof or that they don't keep your hands warm. I live in Glasgow so I need both. I have a budget of £40. Can anyone recommend...
  30. Biff600

    Winter Gloves

    Can someone recommend me a pair of gloves that I can use over the colder months (preferably with a link) The criteria is... 1. Full finger (not mitts) 2. Must not be bulky (like ski-gloves) 3. Must have gel or substantial padding on the palms, heel etc 4. Less than £30 5. Size medium 6. Not...
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