SOLD: Velo South entry - Fast track ticket at cost

Discussion in 'For Sale and Auction' started by Howyadoinoutthere, 2 Jul 2018.

  1. Howyadoinoutthere

    Howyadoinoutthere Active Member

    I signed up for 'Public Entry - Fast track entry' for Velo South (23 Sept 2018) which means you are pre-registered so do not have to attend the day before to register plus close parking near the start.

    Unfortunately I can no longer attend so my entry is available to someone if of interest. I paid £129.00 plus a 'processing fee' of £7.42. Total £136.42.

    At this stage I am looking for the £136.42. I will pay the £10 transfer fee.

    Thanks. Jeff.
  2. shinyspokes

    shinyspokes Über Member

    Hi Jeff
    I would love to take this entry off your hands as by the time I heard about the event it was already full (assuming still available)
    It apears from the velo south website that you would need to transfer your entry to me - and they will then refund you and I then have to pay myself.
    It sounds straightforward!


  3. OP

    Howyadoinoutthere Active Member

    Hi Mick
    I have replied via a new conversation. It's my first go at using the messaging tool so apologies for not doing the obvious thing i.e. click on reply.

    Let me know if you don't get the other (new) message.


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  4. arpesenti

    arpesenti New Member

    I have another fast track entry available if someone is interested
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