1. K

    Cateye Velo 7 Wired Computer (Taken)

    Free. Unused and still in box.
  2. RoubaixCube

    Shutt Velo Rapide mitts - Medium

    Bought from @ianrauk a few days ago and arrived this morning. Unfortunately my hands didn't quite get on with the size of the cuff and while the mitts do fit and fit comfortably, the cuff was a bit tight so getting them on was a bit of a squeeze and I don't want to submit them to that kind of...
  3. Elybazza61

    SOLD Velo Orange crazy bars - now on eBay

    NOW SOLD Velo Orange crazy bars in silver; again taken off the All-City (back to drops) so surplus to requirements. Now also on eBay. Some marks but otherwise in good condition These are the first version. £55 posted.
  4. J

    Setback seatpost Velo Orange / Nitto / Holdsworth etc

    Hi folks, I'm after a seatpost with plenty of setback in black colour. Velo Orange Grand Cru Holdsworth grand sport Nitto Etc. Cheers Dan
  5. neil earley

    British Velo Anyone?

    Interesting design and three models to choose from,price seems to be reasonable too! Some pics for you and more details on their website .
  6. SpokeyDokey

    Pirelli Cinturato Velo - any views? Any views on these please? Considering (32m) for tubeless set-up.
  7. DCBassman

    Cateye Velo 2 Wired Cycle Computer - GONE

    Free to a good home, as it came to me similarly from @EltonFrog . Will put a selection of cable ties in with it. I did at one point wreck the wiring, but it's repaired and working fine.
  8. D

    New bulid velo orange Polyvalent

    Hi all after some advice on building my new frame up First decision do I go alt bars or drops I think I have narrowed down to two different types of bars Velo orange granola bar Salsa woodchipper 2 bar I know two completely different bars The bars will have a major impact on the rest of the...
  9. S

    Velo shutt rapide scarf

    that multicoloured item, in case, someone had one going spare.
  10. D

    Velo orange Polyvalent

    My 50th birthday present of the wife so excited to get it bulit up
  11. D

    Velo Orange Polyvalent

    Bit of a long shot I am after 54cm Velo Orange Polyvalent frame or built up bike Thanks
  12. Dogtrousers

    Beeline velo. New navigation app thingy Runs on your phone and has a little pointer/display gizmo on the bars indicating which way to go. Could get a bit confusing at some junctions I imagine. Gets around weatherproofing/vulnerability issues for phones I suppose. Display slightly reminiscent...
  13. macp

    Mini velo

    Evening all So following on from my Brompton thread does anybody know of UK sellers of cycles of the mini velo variety. Something sexy like this.
  14. StickyPTFE

    Velo Birmingham Cancelled - NO REFUNDS!

    I am very upset with the event team for not even attempting to offer a refund. No partial refund, no deferred places. Some feeble excuse regarding insurance, utter tosh.
  15. Dogtrousers

    Vélo Essex

    Anyone heard of this one? How long before the good people of Essex wake up to the fact that they will be kept prisoner in their own homes while hordes of lycra louts urinate on their nasturtiums? Introducing a major new closed road cycling event for the UK – Vélo...
  16. lilolee

    FS : Velo Orange Saddle Bag Loops

    Ideal for those saddles without bag loops £14 in UK P&P
  17. EltonFrog

    * Gone* Cat-Eye Velo 2 CC-VL200 free.* Gone*

    A working Cat-Eye Velo 2 CC-VL200 bike pooter thingy that I took off an old bike if anyone wants it let me or it is going in the bin. Free, Gratis, For nothing.
  18. BalkanExpress

    Anjou Vélo Vintage

    2020 dates announced 3-5 July. Registration some time in the spring A really good weekend: lovely setting, events all weekend, fantastic food and drink with a bit of riding in between, If you want a lot of riding and less food and drink you can do the...
  19. MarkF

    Velo Danish Cruiser

    What a lovely bike, l nearly bought it as a canal rider but bought something else....anyway....the owner is motivated to sell this weekend, might be a negotiated bargain for somebody?
  20. chriscross1966

    Velo PLugs.... a good idea?

    Hi folks, in the last couple of years of commuting I've had more flats from rim tape failure than I have from actual carcass penetrations, indeed the only thing that has got through the Marathon Plus that I run has been a nail in a bit of flytipped wood that I ran over ..... As my Brompton runs...
  21. airborneal

    Velo Staywrap Chainstay Protector & Promax Headset Spacers Set

    Velo Staywrap Chainstay Protector Velcro New Size XL please see photos for details £4.50 posted Promax Headset Spacers Set 1" 1/8 10, 5, 3, 1 mm I have two packs of these, £3.75 posted per pack or £5.25 posted for both packs New old stock
  22. mikey951r

    France en Velo - Channel to Med - Completed

    I've been back a couple of weeks now from completing the 1,000 mile Channel to Med route as per the France en Velo book. The ride was tough due to the extreme heatwave in France at the time; however, we battled through and made it to the Med in two weeks. The full write can be found on my blog...
  23. Spokesmann

    Velo Retro 2019, Ulverston, Cumbria

    Only just had a chance to get some pictures up of the event. It's a 371 mile trip each way to Ulverston for me, well worth the distance though. Met up with a lot of friends from my FB Carlton group, as well as members on CC. I did this event instead of the Eroica Britannia farce, taking place...
  24. Spokesmann

    Velo Retro 2019, Ulverston, Cumbria

    Only just had a chance to get some pictures up of the event. It's a 371 mile trip each way to Ulverston for me, well worth the distance though. Met up with a lot of friends from my FB Carlton group, as well as members on CC. I did this event instead of the Eroica Britannia farce, taking place...
  25. roadrash

    Cateye velo wireless plus

    Cateye velo wireless plus for sale , no box or instructions but instructions can be found here.. .. head unit , cradle, speed sensor, wheel magnet and cable ties. £10 including postage
  26. JhnBssll

    Velo 21 cleaning products - 20% discount code

    Hi all, I've been using Velo 21 cleaning products for a few months now and have been pretty impressed. After posting some photo's of before and after cleaning shots of my Oltre to the Bianchi owners club I have been made a brand ambassador which is quite exciting :laugh: I've created a discount...
  27. martintoomany bikes

    SKS Velo

    Hi guys..looking at buying a set of SKS velo mudguards,the tyres are 47c Wtb,should i go for the 47 mudguard or the 55 version,has anyone any experience with these?i basically want a quick on/off type of guard really..cheers
  28. H

    SOLD: Velo South entry - Fast track ticket at cost

    I signed up for 'Public Entry - Fast track entry' for Velo South (23 Sept 2018) which means you are pre-registered so do not have to attend the day before to register plus close parking near the start. Unfortunately I can no longer attend so my entry is available to someone if of interest. I...
  29. kingrollo

    Velo South - West Sussex 23/09/2018 (Closed Road 100)

    "Taking place on Sunday September 23rd 2018, Vélo South is a major new 100 mile fully closed road sportive for the UK. Starting and finishing on the iconic Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, the route will take 15,000 riders on a truly unforgettable journey through the stunning West Sussex...
  30. kingrollo

    Birmingham Velo - OFF/ ON - mixed messages today

    VÉLO BIRMINGHAM IS RETURNING IN SPRING 2019! Working with our partners Birmingham City Council, we’ve made some important changes to the event, including moving to a new Spring date and developing a brand new route. These changes will enable us to secure the long term sustainability of Vélo...
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