France en Velo - Channel to Med - Completed


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Yup, no, that didn’t work.
I’ve bookmarked that for a read later.


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You must have got a good cyclists sun tan.
Great writeup. Lots of useful info & details. Well done! (I found the situation with the tubeless tyres particularly interesting).
France on a bike is a totally different proposition to France by any other means of transport - in a good way!
It can be pricey - but it's all relative. I've cycled rural areas in Germany where villages have no shops at all. After 3 or 4 with no facilities France and its €3 cokes becomes more attractive ^_^.
However, I do recall rolling into a campsite in the southwest of France and being declined. Before I could work up some righteous indignation, the campsite operator explained that they were very expensive and pointed out a couple of places within a short distance that would probably suit me better. In hindsight I prefer to think that he was being helpful rather than avoiding lowering the tone of his campsite :blush:. In fairness, the next place was half his price.

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Excellent read, a really honest and interesting account of your tour. It certainly sounded like a test dealing with the heat, my tour in Spain was in similar temperatures and it certainly takes its toll - and I was riding without luggage.
This sounds like a fantastic tour, you have whetted my appetite.
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