Birmingham Velo - OFF/ ON - mixed messages today

Discussion in 'Sportives' started by kingrollo, 31 Jan 2018.

  1. kingrollo

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    Working with our partners Birmingham City Council, we’ve made some important changes to the event, including moving to a new Spring date and developing a brand new route. These changes will enable us to secure the long term sustainability of Vélo Birmingham as we grow it into one of the world’s biggest and most iconic cycling events.

    We’ll still have 100 miles of closed roads along with the epic city centre start and finish, but thanks to the extra daylight hours and improved route infrastructure we’ll be able to deliver an even better experience. This will ensure that every single one of our riders achieves their goal and reaches the finish line in good time for that ice cold free beer!

    We’ll be announcing the new date and route soon and as you've already pre-registered you will be the first to hear all the exciting details.


    In the coming weeks we’re hoping to announce a brand new 100 mile, closed road Vélo event which will take place in Autumn 2018!

    We can’t say too much more at this stage but stay tuned for more details which will follow soon.
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  2. Milkfloat

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    I read it as two events - one happening in Spring and one maybe happening in Autumn and maybe not in Birmingham.
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  3. OP

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    Yes thats how it reads. But if they have failed to get the 2nd velo of the ground - I don't see how pushing to spring 2019 helps - unless they are intending to run it late afternoon to late evening.

    Personally I think they are trying to keep all options open - but it wouldn't surprise me if neither event happened. The anti cycling brigade have this one on the run - and they ain't going to give up now - having got the 2018 event scrapped.
  4. The 2018 event is going ahead, but using the new route from Nottingham, and it will be in September. The 2019 event will be in April or May 2019, again from Nottingham.
  5. Milkfloat

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    Source about the Nottingham event?
  6. Nottingham council mole.
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  7. OP

    kingrollo Über Member

    Be a real kick in the balls for Birmingham council - and birmingham in general if Nottingham can organise and run a major cycling event , but Birmingham can't - That wouldn't look good at all.
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  8. I think that’s the point.
  9. OP

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    The Autumn 2018 event will be in South East England.
  10. They're on to a bit of a loser really aren't they?

    London: "Ride past the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and then ride the Olympic road route"

    Cardiff: "Ride past the Millennium Stadium and then climb in the South of the Black Mountains"

    Brimingham: "Ride past the Bull Ring and ... er ... maybe Digbeth Coach Station and then some jolly pleasant bits of Worcestershire"
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  11. mjr

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    Poverty of ambition. Plenty of sights they could ride past, including Victoria Square, the ICC, Edgbaston, Bourneville and yes, although you mock it, the Bull Ring. Heck, even a mass start along the crazy no-central-reservation A38M would have a sort of twisted appeal and you can't legally do that otherwise!

    I agree with the OP: the NIMBYs have this one on the run.
  12. OP

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    I live in the heart of the industrial black country. Theres some great scenery and hills - out towards cleobury mortimer, clows top - plenty of 20% hills if thats your thing. Think the west midlands is still too 'car is king' in its ways.

    A spring 100 mile sportive ? - presumably thats late May at the very latest - not a lot time for new cyclists to be able to cope with 100 miles. Can't quite see what a spring date solves ? Worcs county council weren't (aren't) due to give a decision on whether to allow road closures until Feb 8. It almost seems to me like CSM active got an easier or better offer for a Sept 2018 velo, and told Birmingham to go and do one !
  13. Just in case you think I'm just mocking Brum for the hell of it - I grew up in the West Midlands. We used to cycle out to the Clees to watch motorbike trials. I know there's some lovely countryside out there.

    I still think a ride out of Brum is an incredibly hard sell, and can think of any number of British cities that could put together a more appealing case. And without the momentum of lots of people very keen to be involved, there's no buzz or feel-good factor and the NIMBYs are on the front foot.

    I rode Velo Wales, which involved organising a weekend away. Would I do it again? Maybe. Would I consider it for, say Leeds? Sure. Would I even consider doing such a thing in Brum. No, not for a second.
  14. Not unless Nottingham has moved to South East England, or is likely to, before September, it won’t.
  15. Milkfloat

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    Birmingham in 2017 sold out easily at its first attempt, so I don't see that the location had much to do with it. OK, there was not much in the way of iconic sights on the route, but the people I spoke to on the ride were enthused by the closed roads of the event, plus unlike Ride London you could actually depart as a group of friends.
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