Solid tyres

jonny jeez

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i know this gets asked a fair bit but it seems like a while since I read anything new about them.

So, have solids come on much in the last year or are they still limited in design?


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Check out THIS thread about Tannus tyres, There are a couple of CC'ers running them at the moment.

shadow master

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I remember the early one well!expensive£25 each in 1988,gave the bike a real dead boneshaker feel,flat spotted too easily,and spun on the rim under heavy pedalling or braking......puncture protected tyres on the other hand have really improved especially the marathon plus range from schwable.


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I watched the fitting instructions video last night. By the time you've fitted all the pins, seated them all, levered the tyre on bit by bit, reseated the tyre and pushed them in I think it would have taken longer than it took to fix all three p*nctures I had while riding last year.


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I can see you do not live in Cumbria
Correct. But we do have hedges and lazy farmers where I live.

young Ed

Correct. But we do have hedges and lazy farmers where I live.
the only place i can think of where punctures from hedge cutting is not a problem is london, where all the those farmers clean up after cutting their concrete hedges! :tongue:
a universal problem all over the world is farmers not clearing up after cutting hedges, it doesn't puncture their tractors nor their trucks so why would they care when they could be doing something else? :tongue:
Cheers Ed
jonny jeez

jonny jeez

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I'm very tempted...forget the fitting aggro (3 hours!), think about all the crap you won't need to carry with you every single ride and never use.
No pump or inflator, no levers, no spare tubes, not tyre boot, no rucksack or caddy.

Roll on bareback summer commuting!

Just prey I don't snap a spoke.
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