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Steve H

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Been cycling steadily now for a couple of months and covering about 180 miles a month. Mixing up off roading and some road work.

However came off the other day (think I slipped on a bit of wet wood down the side of a path leading into a park) and have managed to fracture by finger in three places.

Not particularly painful, but means I'm out of action for a bit. Anyone know how long fractures take to heal? I've got an appointment at the Fracture Clinic on Tuesday, but would be great to find out before then.


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You Wuss!, small thing like that ... be a "MAN", get out there! and cycle through the pain! haven't got a clue mate, but I hope you have a speedy recovery :smile:
Have it set at a slight curve so it fits the brake lever properly.

Of course if you change brake lever, you may have to have it reset......


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Six weeks.

I was back on my bike after six weeks following a broken Radius.

A friend of mine at the Western Wheelers, Palo Alto, Calif; was back on his bike six weeks after an artificial hip replacement op'.

Broken finger? ride with it. You've got seven others.


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Honestly, keep riding.
Give some thought to were you ride & make sure your routes are relatively simple so as to avoid any sudden movements or strain on the affected area. Also be careful to ensure it sets correctly as i have a permanent crooked little finger through inattention
Steve H

Steve H

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NormanD said:
You Wuss!, small thing like that ... be a "MAN", get out there! and cycle through the pain!
Thanks Norman - great advice to a yorkshireman! :becool: It was this attitude that nearly meant I didn't discover the fractures. I went 2 days before the missus frogmarched me to the A&E for the x-ray. Just thought it was a bit of bruising.

Hopefully it will be ok soon so I can get back out there. Hope it's not 6 weeks. I was steadily losing my larger than average belly, and I can't afford for it to start growing again;)


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rode with a broken wrist for two weeks before seeking medical help ,
no sympathy here lol ( actually i complained alot and it hurt )
Ride one-handed!


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Broken fingers are usually just splinted to the adjacent finger(s) and left - they usually heal well that way. Saying that yours sounds a little more complicated so YMMV. It'll take 4 weeks for the bones to knit properly and about 8 weeks to reach full strength. I suspect you'll be able to ride with it, as long as it doesn't hurt: I broke the metacarpal bone in my thumb and continued cycling although the cast gave a lot of support.

You could always ask at the fracture clinic (though I suspect the answer may be "no!"). Why not see if it's comfortable to ride?


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My boss did something similar and ended up being 6 weeks off the bike and the car I think.

You could ask though ... the doc might be silly enough to say the same thing as they did to me... "get back on the bike when you feel like it" - good 4 days until I could cycle one handed with a broken elbow - but it took 4-6 weeks to vaguely recover really.


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I fractured my toe in a karate class once many years ago.

Asked Consultant in Fracture clinic about rock-climbing (my sport in those days) 6 weeks minimum was the answer. The Junior doc sitting in was laughing his head off behind the old man's shoulder - he was a mate of mine from the climbing club, and knew whatever i was told, we would be climbing together in less than 2 weeks time.

But I sympathise.... I had a spectacular off today too. No broken bones, but a trip to A & E resulted in 7 stitches in my elbow. Still hoping to be out tomorow though. The 1000 miles on MCL beckons....


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Back in November 2009 I fractured my 5th metatarsel in my right foot while playing football. The cast was on until Jan 2010. I was out of action for about 2 months :blush:

It was a nice break from work but man did I put some wieght on and my fitness suffered. My arms however got some exercise carrying my 15 stone body around on crutches daily.
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