something just cheered me up

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South Beds.
the british weather forecast....we shall see. :blush:


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Ha, Steven's right - if you live north of the border any forecast made more than 8 minutes in advance is unreliable.

I'm picking up new wheels for my bike tonight - nearly 6 weeks after asking what to get. Yeeha, can't wait!

Patrick for a man so obsessed with sex how come you (pretend to) know so little about porn?

Smokin Joe

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I've already warned Buggi about Patrick's attempts to lure her back to his seedy north Wales bedsit, where he will try a clumsy seduction over a bottle of home-made wine which smells suspiciously like cheap aftershave while he plays the grainy tape of "When Catholic Convent Girls Go Wild" that he never returned to the video shop in 1985.
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