Something Wider Than a Flite???


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okay.....its been about a year and i still havent found "the" saddle for me. closest so far is the selle italia flite gel flow.

BUT, its just a tad too narrow, and after long rides, it rubs me where it hurts!

other than the max flite, is there anything else similar, just wider!

i love the gel padding in the flite, the shape, the slight give.........just needs to be 140mm wide or a touch more.....

any ideas?



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How about this?


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Have a look at the Charge Spoon or the Charge Knife. It's an unfortunate name but I've just replaced my Flite classic with one of these and I think it's more comfortable. It certainly looks more sculpted than the Flite, quite sexy actually.


New Member love that saddle!!!

yea maybe an arione.

anyone know what the antares is like???


Hi Steve

I have just got back into road bikes and wasn't looking forward to 'getting used' to the road bike saddle. I have been riding for years on an MTB saddle. I ordered my bike and on recommendation bought a 'Specialized Avatar Gel 09' saddle at the same time.

Bought and fitted and, well, what a revelation. I have done 300 miles on it, furthest ridden in one go so far is 43miles and not one hint of sore bones or sore anything! I am 14 stone so not a lightweight. It has just the right amount of give in it, no rubbing or numbness.

It comes in 3 different widths. I used the shop's 'measuring device' (gel cushion) to measure my sit bones and I needed the 143. Actually the shop said most blokes are 143 so you could get away with that unless you are 'not normal'.

I guess I have been quite lucky, I was expecting to hunting for the right saddle for years!

Plus if you get one and you don't want, I'll buy it off you :laugh:


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yep, be aware that if you have an extra 35g of saddle weight on your road bike it will suddenly behave more like a carthorse. The slightest incline will seem like a vertical cliff face and you'll struggle to attain any speed.

I've just finished my morning workout, I was pushing the envelope and using two 50g weights. After 10 reps I thought my arms would drop off, but no pain no gain eh?:laugh:
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