Sometimes a complaint letter gets the desired response!

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To whom it may concern.

At approximately 9:15 this morning I was involved in an altercation with the driver of one of your vans on the A19 Fulford road.

I was proceeding north on the cycle lane approaching ALDI when, without indicating and apparently without looking, he swerved in front of me, completely blocking my progress. I was travelling at a regular bicycle speed so I had to stop quickly to avoid crashing into the back of the vehicle – nevertheless, I did hit the bumper of the vehicle with my front wheel. If I’d have been alongside him at the time I wouldn’t have had time to react and he would have collided with me.

It looked to me that the driver had made this manoeuvre because he’d found himself trapped in a ‘Keep Clear’ box and wanted to get out of another driver’s way.

I’m a driver too and I appreciate that people make mistakes. I too have been caught out in ‘Keep Clear’ boxes and I have speeding points on my license, so I’m no saint. If your driver had – at the point that I started speaking to him through his driver’s window – simply held his hands up and apologised for his stupid actions I wouldn’t have a problem and I wouldn’t be writing this email.

No, what I object to is being threatened with assault by your driver. He told me, (words to the effect): “If you run into the back of my car (sic) again I’ll farking smash your face in”. I invited him to get out of his car and repeat his threat but he drove off – apparently speeding and driving straight through an orange changing traffic light in the process.

I object very strongly to being threatened with violence by your employee. It’s not acceptable behaviour on a Saturday night in town and it’s definitely not acceptable behaviour on a Wednesday morning in the street. Whether he drove in front of me deliberately or accidentally, the outcome was the same – he posed a danger the safety of another road user. Either way, it seems to me very obvious that there has been a failure of training, either in attitude or in road craft.

If he makes a habit of driving and behaving like this he’s a menace to other road users, therefore I’ve copied this in to the Police.

Sincerely yours

Mick Allan
Department Manager – Get Cycling Disability


Good Afternoon Mick,

Thank you for your email and for bringing this matter to our attention.

Firstly I would like to apologise for the behaviour of my Engineer and assure you this is not a regular occurrence.

I have had very stern words with him regarding his conduct whilst being an ambassador for my company. This will not happen again.

Please accept these apologies on behalf on the engineer in question and myself.

Kind Regards,

Mr K R Lawn
Good that they replied...He was in the wrong and hopefully will take more care next time (I know that can't be assumed just because of the reply but at least there's hope!). More to the point, just glad it wasn't worse for you!


Hi ****,

I had a really positive response email from the lad’s employer. He’s had a bollocking, I’m happy with this as an outcome and I’m not going to take it any further. You can consider it closed as far as I’m concerned

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, I’m very grateful.

All the best




I am glad that they have taken this seriously & you are happy with the outcome.

No need for Thanks that is why we are here to assist people when unfortunately most of the times it is for a bad reason.

All the Best & I hope those vehicles give you more room in the future..


North Yorkshire Police



I'm going through a weird one at the moment, a local school minibus driver accelerated his van at me rather than wait behind the parked cars, this forced me to stop in the road with cars behind me while he shaved past, I sent the video to the school as I was concerned by his aggressive driving (on 20mph bit of road, by 2 schools, not his school though) with kids in the back.

I initially got a good replies, although the person I spoke to seemed to try and say he was "coming through" although he is stopped letting another vehicle past when I come along. I was then told it was passed on to someone else the head I think. In the meantime a comment was which was edited quickly appeared on the vid saying "fark all wrong you tosser" Now no-one will respond to my emails.

To be honest the incident wasn't THAT bad compared to some but I feel I should try and chase it up due to that comment.
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