Sometimes i hate where i live😕


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AR 15s, AK 47s etc are semi auto but can be converted, I understand, fairly easily. Auto or semiauto, someone with a bunch of 30 clips is scary in my book. Here people allege they are for hunting and while people take coyotes, prairie dogs and so forth with them, they are not really suitable for mule deer, longhorns or elk, let alone moose. The 30 round clip is, however, great for shooting a lot of people. I actually had a training session at the library where I worked part time on what to do in an active shooter situation. Most of the training involved having one or two people given an airsoft pistol, and then going around shooting the rest of us. Actually fairly interesting and I had to restrain myself from attacking one of the shooters. What a crazy world we live in .


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Seldom see knives used locally, last one, I remember, was where a "slave" escaped from the house. Followed closely by the "girlfriend", kitchen knife in hand. She only stopped when she was dragged off him in the road by police.
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