...sometimes you find an image of the skill of frame building that makes you stop what you were doing...


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Very neat, just a shame they couldn't have chosen a better colour. xx(


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I think I have mentioned before how green is a very popular colour for bikes but not for cars. I heard a long time ago that its considered unlucky. Something to do with the number of accidents involving green cars, so people stopped buying them. Look in any large car park and try to find green cars (other than the lime green which is almost a yellow). Solid green like this frame are quite rare now.

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Seat stays look a bit Mike Kowal
Ah but did he number his frames, this 653 beauty has no numbers anywhere on it, it may have had decals once but nothing was on it when I bought it. It has some other lovely touches like an internal tube to route the brake inner through the toptube with recessed access holes that reduce from the outer cable size and a BB shell with 3 drain slots machined at an angle and brazed on cable guides. It is also so short that the back wheel won't come out with the tyre inflated and don't mention toe overlap yet despite this the handling is very stable, quick yes but not 'twitchy' at all.
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