Sometimes you just can't win


I bumped into a guy I used to work with earlier. He was just finishing a phone call. Closed his phone and said "FFS" looking at the sky

I laughed and he said wait and I tell you this Greedo. Talk about not being able to win. That was my girlfriend and she's not talking to me. Do you want to know why?? She was out for dinner with her pal last night and her pal got loads of texts from her boyfriend while they were out. I sent mine one to say "have a nice night and say high to Fiona" and she's pissed off with me as he didn't text her loads of times like her pals boyfriend.

Imagine being with a woman like that :biggrin: she's in her 30's as well so not some daft lassie.


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Her could dump her by text :biggrin: (but that would be cruel... an email would be better) :smile:
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