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The saddle that came with the virtuosso is very uncomfortable, if i tilt it down i get perineal pressue, and leve i feel like i am to far forward on the saddle.Feels uncomfortable as soon as i get on.

Ordered one of these hope that my nads appreciate



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Wiggle have a very good returns policy!

I tried an almost identical saddle to this and it didn't agree with me at all. Fizik Arione and Fizik Gobi XM are my 2 favourites at the moment.


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Charge Spoons are liked by many and was one that worked pretty well for me but I didn't like the raised nose.
I tried 5 saddles before finding the one I liked.
First I sorted my bike fit so i wasn't getting sore legs/arms etc so just left with sore bum bones.
Then I worked out what width I needed - got my bum bones measured on the pad that Specialized dealers use - mines were 125mm centre to centre so no point looking at saddles only 130mm wide as my bones would have been right on the side edges so went looking for ones about 140 mm min but 150mm ideally.
When sitting on saddles I found how flat I liked it across the width - too curved and the middle pressurised the soft tissue between my bones.
Next I worked out that I liked flat saddles front to back as ones with raised noses tended to give me numb nuts syndrome! Different angles helped minimise this but a flat saddle front to back eliminated it completely but you still need to consider saddle angle - I always started with a new saddle completely level.
This really helped me short list potential saddles plus I was lucky that my LBS let me borrow a couple of test saddles which helped me work out how much padding I needed.
One last thing I realised was that the pain I was getting was from road buzz through the frame and sitting in the saddle too long - needed to stretch my legs on little inclines etc on long runs. So all this helped me find the rather expensive but very comfortable Selle Italia Max Flite Genuine Gel.
Hope this helps you find your perfect fit :smile:


I received one of these from wiggle on Wednesday and did 120mls on it yesterday without complaint (from my rear at least). I think they're excellent value for money regards comfort. Just got to see if it lasts now.


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I've just gone over from a Selle Italia Flite classic to a Charge Knife and yes, the Charge is a little more comfortable, if that's possible.

(Flite is on Fleabay right now)

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Some time back in about 1980, I persuaded Selle Italia to use my physiology as a 'type-fit' for their ladies' models of saddles. Since then I have never had a problem, I just buy yet another Selle Italia ladies' model and it's fine - I'm particularly fond of the the ladies' Trans-am and now the Genuine Gel equivalent but the Octavia (I think it's name is) is also good.

Im currently riding on a fizik arione which is killing me!

Im off to get my ass measured when I get the chance, and get properly fitted for a saddle.:rofl:


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Just walk in to your LBS and sit on all the bikes then ride off on the one you like.

On the saddle you like, I mean.

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addictfreak said:
Im currently riding on a fizik arione which is killing me!

Im off to get my ass measured when I get the chance, and get properly fitted for a saddle.:biggrin:

Recently bought an Arione Wingflex and so far I'm loving it!
Saddles are such a personal thing.
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