FNRttC Southend Ride Friday 23rd March 2018

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  1. AKA Bob

    AKA Bob Riding a folding bike far too much of the time...

    After the quiet winter months the long awaited Fridays Night Ride season is almost upon us again with the chance to enjoy the wonders of nocturnal two wheel adventures with friends and strangers as we make our way along the Thames Estuary to Southend on Friday 23rd March 2018.

    The Southend Ride like all London based Rides this year will be starting at the new Fridays Central which is now located under Waterloo Bridge on the Southbank next to the British Film Institute.

    After the usual briefing we will set off at Midnight crossing the Thames and following the Embankment to the City with its amazing views. Here instead of joining our usual route along the Mile End Road we will join the Thames Path through St Katherine’ and Tobacco Docks and onwards to Wapping before we head East once again through East London and Essex.

    The halfway stop once again will be the Services at Junction 31 which may not be great for food choice but offers space and warmth if the weather isn’t being kind. When we head back onto the road again we will heading north into the stunning Essex countryside before turning south towards Southend and breakfast. If the weather is against us we will take a more direct route instead.

    Breakfast once again will be at Beaches Cafe based on the beach with south facing views overlooking the pier and Thames Estuary.

    The Southend Ride being our shortest and flattest route is always the perfect way to start the season or experience your first Friday’s Night Ride to the Coast.

    To Register please click through to the Southend Ride by visiting the 2018 Ride page on the new and improved webpage www.fnrttc.org.uk

    Looking forward to leading you in just under four weeks time.


    Southend Ride Leader
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  2. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    Registered this morning. Would have done it last night but the commute took three hours longer than usual....
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  3. rb58

    rb58 Enigma

    Bexley, Kent
  4. ianrauk

    ianrauk Tattooed Beat Messiah

    Atop a Ti
    Due to change of home life circumstances I very much doubt I will be doing many, if at all any, FNR's this year.
  5. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    You'll be missed. We'll all be feeling blue if we're not seeing it. But the domestic stuff has to come first.
  6. Sorry to hear that Ian. And I still owe you a 10sp chain magic link from last year. To 2019 maybe?
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  7. wanda2010

    wanda2010 Veteran

    In and ^^^ unlike, but take care.
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  8. RoubaixCube

    RoubaixCube ~Tribanese~

    London, UK
    Registered, though not sure if available yet (99% chance i will be)
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  9. Nigel182

    Nigel182 Veteran

    In form sent and awaiting the First of the Year.
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  10. bobcolover

    bobcolover Über Member

    south london
    I think I am still subscribed but I am not sure,
    how do I find out....
  11. Trickedem

    Trickedem Veteran

    Bob, you will have received emails over the last week or two if still subscribed to the mailing list. If you haven't you can easily re-subscribe at www.fnrttc.org.uk
    To join a ride you will need to register and also ensure you are a member of the Fridays. Again full details of what you need to do are on the website.
    Hope this helps
  12. bobcolover

    bobcolover Über Member

    south london
    Very helpful, I have recieved the emails; so i must still be subscribed; many thanks
  13. sagefly

    sagefly Über Member

    I should be in, trying to get cycling mojo back, the Fridays are a great thing for positive vibes. My brother arrives from Aust on the same day so he may want to tag along too?
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  14. Trickedem

    Trickedem Veteran

    As long as he registers and pays his £2 to join the Fridays he can come. Although riders normally need 3rd party liability insurance, they can do their first ride without this. Saying that it only costs £24 a year to join Cycling UK as an associate member. It is really worth having this insurance anyway.
  15. StuAff

    StuAff Silencing his legs regularly

    It's a nice place!
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