Spa Cycles - do the confirm dispatch?


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Leith, Edinburgh
I ordered a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Winter tyres from Spa Cycles last Thursday. Other than the confirmation email from them, I've heard nothing since.

If you've used them before, can you tell me whether or not they email to confirm dispatch? I emailed them on Saturday to ask if they did, as I couldn't see anything in their delivery details which said they do, but I've not had any response to that either.

It could just be me getting too impatient, but given my experiences with deliveries I'd like to at least know when it's been sent so I know if it's gone missing if there's still no sign of it a week or so later!


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Give them a ring. I had two emails the same day, one to acknowledge that the order had been placed and one to confirm it (guess that was to say they could fulfil it).

I suspect the tyres are already on their way to you.


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Are you expecting lots of snow then?
Marathon Winters are for ice which in the UK as you know is common during winter.

Spa are usually good with their notifications but sometimes can send them a little late. Email them and ask nicely. You may (as I did on my last order) get and email in answer to yours that it has been dispatched and a further one stating which day they expect it be delivered. I got both emails the same day as the delivery.


Typically, judging from my visits, their only ever seems to be two members of staff at the most dealing with callers, repairs and in the off chance on-line matters so acknowledgements etc could be erratic in their despatch.


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I just checked my emails and I have in the past received emails along the lines of

This is an automated update email sent to keep you informed of progress with your order - blah blah placed blah blah
Your order has now been dispatched.

Whether I've got them every time for every order ... dunno.
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