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Hi Guys,

Just treated to myself and bought a Focus Cayo Evo 2. My question is really regarding what pedals I should put on it. The bike is coming with full Ultegra so ideally I want to put ultegra SPD-SL pedals on it.

My first bike was a Specialized Allez and had the shimano R540 SPD-SL pedals on it which cost about £30 and I have always got on fine with them probably because I didnt know any different as the Allez was my first road bike.

My question is other than a few grams in weight difference, what is the difference between what I have now and the ultegra's as there is about £70 price difference.

If anyone can recommend other pedals, any advice would be great.



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I bought a 2015 bike a couple of months ago. The LBS threw in Ultegra SP-DLs, North Wave shoes, a free bike fit and 10% off all future purchases. He also did a really, really good deal on a Garmin Edge 510.
I only really wanted to have the Ultegra pedals to make it a 'full house', so to speak.
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The main difference between yours and 105/ultegra types would be weight and build quality(better bearings etc)

Got 105 carbon ones on the Helium (came free with the ultegra group-set)and they are supposed to be nearly as good as the ultegra ones.


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Better/higher quality bearings & seals + a lower stack height & lower weight.

Ultegra SPD-SL should be had for £70 in a sale with a discount code.

Recently I pushed the boat out & got two sets of Dura Ace SPD-SL (in Ribble sale with discount code).


I have 2 sets of 105 5700 pedals with over 10000 miles on each , never serviced them and they are still going fine , If the 5800 are anywhere near as good I don't think you need to go any higher up the range unless you want to save weight.

Old 105 5700- 310 grams
New R550 -310 grams
105 5800- 285 grams
ultegra- 260 grams
Dura-ace- 248 grams


I had a set of 105s for about 3 years and 12,000 miles. They never had any servicing and still spun freely, even though the spindles of both were slightly bent. I stupidly let them go with my bike. New bike has ultegra and I've just taken delivery of a new set of ultegra carbon ones, mainly to complete the groupset. I couldn't see any point in spending stupid money on a bike and then cutting back on pedals.

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I have the 105 carbons £72 had them fitted at the shop while the bike was being looked at, by some of the replies it looks like i have made the right choice, i have only done about 100 miles tops with them, on the slackest setting they feel great, easy release and just getting the hang of getting into them quickly, been on mtb cleats all year.
I think the difference in price for the Ultegras was about £12 and then the Dura ace where around £140, i held all three and could not tell the difference the names on the side are an obvious giveaway but that was it, i nearly went for the Duraace just to complete my groupset,but a £70 difference for a pedal which literally looks the same well that's why i went for the cheaper version.


Ultegra Carbon set all the way. Much better than the R540's on the winter bike. Although I have the Light Action version on there, as wanted to start out easy and there was no need.


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After using my mates 105 pedals on my new bike for the past few weeks, I have just ordered some ultegra SPD-SL from evans cycles. Used my tesco clubcard points and got them for £35. Bargain ^_^
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