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Hi all!
I am just about to purchase a new groupset for my bike, and need some tools for the strip and rebuild.
I have a "splined cartridge bottom bracket" currently, but will be using a Hollowtech II upon re-fit (if this is possible?)

Sooo, I would need the two tools mentioned above, a chain whip and socket remover, and a cable cutter. Am I missing anything? And would you recommend spending extra on getting "Park" tools, or should a kit like the "Icetoolz" kit do the trick?

Thanks for any recommendations


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I got this toolkit for my birthday and it seems to be reasonable value for money http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bike-Hand-Bicycle-Maintenance-Shimano/dp/B00652X13K/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1342943281&sr=8-4

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Hmmm, I guess that I am leaning toward buying the tools separately as Andy and Numbnuts suggested, guarantee that I will forget to buy something though!

Are Park Tools my best bet? Got a multi-tool and spoke wrench by them, and I am highly impressed with the quality, but they are expensive. Any other brands that are recommended or just buy Park Tools first as last?


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Whatever you do, if you are getting a cable cutter, get a Park Tool one. A lot of the other brands get pretty ropey reviews. Have a look on the ChainReaction website to see what people think of various bits of kit..


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Not all Park Tools are good. I bought a Park 8/10mm open ended spanner (wrench) because I wanted that combination to add to a multi-tool which had only allen keys and screwdriver heads. It was the most cheaply made spanner I have ever seen, just stamped out of steel plate.

BBB and IceToolz are both quite adequate.
And for what it's worth I bought a unbranded cheapo cable-cutter which has a seen a lot of use over 3 yeasrs and still works just fine.
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