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  1. My brother in law really wants to get into the police, and so decided to apply to join the special constabulary for some work experience while he is at uni. He's at the end of his second year engineering degree - but is a mature student as he's 22. He already took a couple of years out for work experience in engineering and travelling. He just found out that he failed to get in, because he didn't pass the requirements on racial diversity and conflict resolution. This isn't really that surprising as he's lived in a rural area (in a farmhouse up on top of a hill) for most of his life and hasn't really had much experience of other cultures, nor indeed resolving conflictual situations. He's not a racist or anything, just not very experienced. Part of the problem is that he's chosen to live at home while he's studying for financial reasons, so saying 'just move out into the city' won't really work.

    It's what he really wants to do, and so we're trying to think of ways he could get some experience of other cultures, preferably in Britain. One idea is doing some volunteer work with outreach projects or something like that. He lives near Sheffield and studies there. I was just wondering if anyone here had any ideas as to things that he might do to get some experience.
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    A year travelling around the world would put a clear stamp of experience on him. It would teach him patience and tolerance as well.
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    Off the top of my head, I've a friend who does some stuff with the Northern Refugee Centre:

    This weekend also hosts "Peace In The Park". There are some links to local initiatives here:
    Maybe your brother in law could head along to the event and see if there's anyone to talk to. At the very worst he'll be able to get a cream tea!
  4. OP

    Kirstie Über Member

    Thanks RR. He travelled in New Zealand/Far East for a year on his own, so he's done some travelling. He couldn't really afford to do it again, and I'm not quite sure why that didn't count for anything either. They must be looking for something different.

    Landslide that's a couple of really helpful links - thanks
  5. Danny

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    If he lives near Sheffield he should contact Voluntary Action Sheffield who will be able to provide him with details of relevant volunteering opportunities in the area.

    If he applies to do any voluntary work he should be open about his motives for doing so. Most voluntary organisations will respect this, and it will avoid the risk of future misunderstandings. Also, if he starts working as a volunteer the organisation he is with might well be able to offer him some form of "diversity" training.

    Alternatively his University or college might be able to point him in the direction of suitable training. Suggest he talk to his supervisor or careers department about this.
  6. Fnaar

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    I bet it's simply a question of knowing how to fill the forms in... living what (as per your description) sounds like a nice quiet rural life of normality shouldn't exclude you! Perhaps he filled it in too honestly! (layer upon layer of irony here.... he might need to be dishonest to get into the police :angry:)
  7. Maz

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    I'm from Sheffield. Areas like Highfield, Heeley, Sharrow, Attercliffe have large Asian (and of late Somali, Chinese and E.European) communities. He might be able to get some community work experience in one or more of these areas.
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    if he's wanting experience of ethnic diversity and studying at sheffield uni, send him to the "10 copies or less" photocopier in the library. you'll find all sorts of foreign students there, mostly copying the big print version of war and peace on it. oddly, their firm grasp of english that allows them to study here, seems to escape them there. :angry:
  9. Maz

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    They pull that same stunt at the '10 items or less' aisle at Tescos...10 items in each of their 4 baskets.
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    You may find that there's some "strategic recruiting" going on. A number of police forces are no longer recruiting white, middle-class males as a matter of policy - they need to improve their diversity and gender mix. I had this conversation with the Met several years ago, and my neighbour has had the same experience with Kent police.
  11. domtyler

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    Maybe he could go and live with Maz for a few months and be his bitch?
  12. yenrod

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    And here, Kirst (with respects) - is a shining example of why Britain is a load of shite...

    How can your relation NOT be skilled in this area.

    Its just total bollocks.

    You can tell your B-I-law that the systems failed him for being born here !

    If you want to :laugh:
  13. Maz

    Maz Legendary Member

    He'll no doubt have a hidden camera on him and film my every move, putting spin on it to make it look like I'm an Al-Qaeda operative. Then he'll get his commendation from the Chief Constable and be put on the fast-track promotion scheme.

    No, no thank you. I'm not falling for that old chestnut...

    ....again. :laugh::cry:
  14. OP

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    Gosh, i'd never thought of it like that. So as a white male you're suggesting it'll be harder for him. We'll he's going to have to do what women have had to do for years - work twice has hard to get the same reward! Hence the voluntary service element...
  15. Fnaar

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    He could always tick "Afro Caribbean" on the forms, for ethnic origin... if challenged, he could say "the burden of proof lies with you" or some such gibber. :laugh:
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