Specialized Allez sport or diverge


which would you choose?
Specialized allez sport
Diverge A1
Diverge sport
My cycle to work scheme is starting next week so looking at one of them.
I want a road bike, but the roads are not great around this area. So that has made me look at the diverge. But the price of the allez is good......help!!!!


The Diverge has replaced the Secteur which was a very popular bike. I would suggest you get someone like Evans to give you each to do a test ride on, see how they feel and decide from there. Evans will let you disappear for a bit, not just pootle around a carpark.

Hope this helps.


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I would go for the diverge. Nice looking bike in the flesh, more all round capability. It's also a similar frame (geometry) to the old Secteur which I can confirm is extremely comfortable, still riding mine 5 years later!

Best idea is to test ride both but I think the diverge looks like a great all rounder!
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