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Just thought that I would have a look at the new concept store at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham.

The ads in the Cycling magazines seem to big it up, but in short don't waste your time going.

Its not really that big. Most of the space available is just showing off a selection of their range. It has some accessories but I felt that they had less of a selection than my lbs which does specialized.

I asked for a few items in a different size to that on show and they said they would have more stock in November. If its a dedicated specialized store should it not be easier to get there product from them rather than my lbs?

Also found it rather too clinical and not like the atmosphere of going into a cycle shop.

So the best thing to do is get a hold of there brochure or look online and order it from your lbs. Waste of time specialized ......... but saying that they are probably making a fortune from the shop already.

Anyone else been to one of these concept store and what did you think?


Thanks for that. Was gonna go and have a look.
Won't bother now.
Wasn't sure if it would be any good to be honest.
You saved me a pointless journey. :biggrin:

slow down

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I did pop in shortly after it opened, just out of curiosity. Thought it was very poor, I was expecting there to be pretty much everything from the Specialized range plus a selection of Gore clothing per their website. In reality, as mentioned, they had four road bikes, half a dozen MTB's and a few bits of parts and clothing.

I did e-mail them recently about a Pave seatpost and Toupe saddle, only to be told that they didn't have any seatposts in stock (but could order one if I wanted one - make take a week or two though).

The idea is right, but they need to work on it a little.


The Birmingham one will be closed within three years when people realise that they are no better than a local bike shop and not worth the journey. Horrible location too.


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:biggrin: Supply seems to be one of Specialized's biggest problems. Their customer care though is second to none. I had a Roubaix bike with paint problems and they replaced the frame with a 2007 model within 5 days!!!!
Give the concept stores a chance lads and perhaps they will take on the critical comments and improve. Not many firms get it right first time.:biggrin:


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I used the one near Plymouth when I was on holiday. Needed an innertube and a new pair of mitts (plenty of stock in all sizes). Shop looked well stocked but I was the only customer. Don't mind the clean and clinical look but the lack of somewhere to lock my bike outside was my biggest concern.


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By chance I was the first customer of their shop in Chester when it first opened. It was well stocked, spacious, with helpful staff (unlike LBS!) and I bought a few things. So no complaints really apart from the Altura Night Vision jacket that I bought after a rave review in C+, two things have snapped on it so it will have to go back.
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