Specialized Torch 2 shoes in 42


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Since placing this ad I've realised these are Specialized Expert shoes from 2016/17 though they look identical to a more recent Torch. They are light, stiff and comfortable but don't suit the shape of my feet and I've rubbed through the lining a little on each heel as you can see in the photo. This could easily be fixed by glueing a bit of Elastoplast tape over the worn area. I wore them for about a year and I've washed and disinfected them.

The Boa system is excellent and really works well. You can even adjust the tightness through a neoprene overshoe.

£25 posted UK. Payment by bank transfer or PayPal Gift.

20190729_191526.jpg 20190729_191702.jpg 20190729_191823.jpg 20190729_191748.jpg


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Steve T

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I've got fairly wide feet how do these fit?

Steve T

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Sounds good I'll have them, let me know how you want to be paid by private message? I'll give my address over that way too.
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