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  1. mr_cellophane

    mr_cellophane Guru

    Does anyone wear spectales for their ride ?
    If so how do you protect them from stones ect ?
  2. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    I think this is pretty common, I am not a wearing of prescription lenses myself but my wife wears hers when out cycling without problems. I think it would take some pretty serious rocks to actually break your glasses, small pieces of grit shouldn't be a problem.

    You could always get contact lenses and then wear normal cycling glasses over the top if you were that worried about it.
  3. wafflycat

    wafflycat New Member

    middle of Norfolk
    Being a speccy-four-eyes, I wear specs as I'm short-sighted, so require specs for distance vision.

    I have several options I choose from when cycling.

    I have an old pair of specs that I sometimes wear (prescription still okay), so it doesn't overly matter if they get wrecked - but in several years of wearing them whilst cycling, they are still fine.

    Then there's the contact lens option combined with 'normal' sunglasses or 'normal' clear lenses for night cycling.

    I find the biggest drawback to wearing specs & cycling is *rain*. It's wot dun me in at last year's DunRun (combined with mechanical failure of the bike). The rain was torrential and the rain simply didn't clear from my specs, effectively rendering me blind. Which was, to put it mildly, a tad dangerous. That's when I invested in some daily disposable contact lenses.
  4. Carwash

    Carwash Señor Member

    I do!

    In much the same way that people who don't wear spectacles protect their eyes. Are you planning to ride through a trough of gravel or something?
  5. Haitch

    Haitch Flim Flormally

    You can buy cycling specs with inserts for prescription lenses. Most spec makers offer these. Ask your LBS or google "cycling glasses" and prescription. Like Wafflycat says, rain is very inconvenient.
  6. I wear glasses and I've never had a problem with stones hitting them. Occaisionally a fly or something might hit but i'm glad it hitting the lens not my eye.
    I've also started taking to wearing contact lenses lately with cycling glasses on top.
  7. OP

    mr_cellophane Guru

    Contacts are like sticking pins in my eyes. Tried them once - never again.
    I chipped a lens the other week, although I think it was more to do with power jetting my garage roof than cycling. That made me think a bit more about their fragility while cycling. Sunny weather is not a problem as I have tinted clip ons. I have prescription swim goggles and large over goggles for skiing, but I think I will look a bit of a knob ridding in either of those.
  8. Haitch

    Haitch Flim Flormally

    Don't know if they're available in the UK, but in the US BicycleRx offer prescription cycling specs without inserts.
  9. k-dog

    k-dog New Member

    Your lenses aren't fragile at all - unless you happen to be wearing glass lenses but that's pretty rare nowadays.

    Plastic lenses are extremely resistant to breaking so the worst you should do is scratch them. Like others have said I keep an older pair of specs (that are very close to my latest prescription) for bashing around the house and wearing on the bike and stuff. After 4 years there is now a little scratch on the coating of one but that's it.

    Sometimes you need a bigger pair than usual - especially on a road bike as you are more crouched and really small frames can be too low down in that position. Depends on the shape of your face and the fit of your current specs though.
  10. TWBNK

    TWBNK Well-Known Member

    I have prescription specs, my newest ones aren't any good for cycling because the arms obscure too much of my peripheral vision so i don't cycle in them.

    I opted to get a pair of glasses at Tescos that came with a free second pair, for me I made sure that this second pair came with big lenses, narrow arms and a tint, ideal for my cycling.

    Tescos did do sports glasses but they weren't included in the 2 for 1 offer and i think they were pricier than I really wanted (more expensive than free!)

    Also my older pair are good for cycling with the transition lenses and I tend to keep these ones in a case in my panier all of the time.

    As for the rain issue if I end up in a downour I take them off. My eyesight is poor but I get to see more without specs than with when it is pissing down.

    As for the stones, I have never had a problem.
  11. Plax

    Plax Veteran

    I wear my prescription glasses on the bike, but as Waffles says it is a pain when it rains, especially at night with the glare from oncoming traffic's headlights.
    I do have contacts - daily disposables but rarely wear them for commuting. Colleague has just started a trial for monthly disposables so I'm going to try them and wear some cycling glasses. Appointment set up for 2 weeks time (Saturday appointments, don't you just love them!)
  12. fossyant

    fossyant Ride It Like You Stole It!

    South Manchester
    I'm short sighted and have worn prescription sports glasses for years.

    My every day glasses don't shield my eyes from the wind (both rather minimal) so have sports glasses. I've had some Bolle's for years and decided to get some new ones so I actually had some done by Tesco, but whilst the prescription insert was fine, the sports glasses were poor optically, making me feel really low to the ground. By luck I found out that Bolle Scillium safety glasses were a perfect fit for my insert, so use a couple of pairs of these now.

    Rain is a pain, but you get used to it.
  13. Speedobum

    Speedobum New Member

    I purchased these a few months back from Kontrol sports, they're very light and include a prescription insert, easy to wipe off rain and strong enough to deflect stone chips. I chose a yellow lens to help my vision on cloudy days, these really do brighten things up!

  14. Sam

    Sam New Member

    Optilabs do prescription sports specs suitable for cycling.;)

    Hope this helps. First post:tongue:

  15. shimano

    shimano New Member

    I normally wear contact lenses but for bike rides I wear my specs to deal with those 'fly/bee/insect moments' Can't say I've ever had a problem with grit or stones. I had a long look at 'cycling specs' in Aldi earlier today but even at under 3 quid didn't buy them.
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