Spoke/valve lights


I've never used such lights, not wanting to clutter up the look of the wheels, but I have used tyres in the past with reflective side walls, which are extremely effective at night.

And also reflective slap bands on the ankles and wrists as soon as darkness approaches.


Reflectors are okay but I'm thinking more of cycling past cars coming out of junctions, their lights and eyes are not always pointing the right way to catch a reflector, whereas wheel lights would be 360°.


Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
Unless you are at 90 degrees to a vehicle and your front light does not have a cut out for it to be seen sideways on, it is likely to be seen. And certainly my main rear light would also be visible at 90 degrees. So if a driver's eyes are looking to (say) the right, they should see you.


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The biggest drawback is the batteries. You may be lucky and get more than one days use out of them, then replacing all six.

They don't guarantee that you will be seen, because of lighting alone, but they do have a larger field of view than just side on.
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